Althea Makeup Line For My DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

Last month, a few days before I pop, I asked my friend Cor of Beauty & Glamour to help me with my DIY maternity photo shoot.

See, I wasn't able to do it on my first pregnancy and that's one of the things I really regret. I wanna celebrate my pregnancy. I wanna have something pretty to look back to. But since I'm super pregnant already, we only did it at home with my friend's help. And Althea, my favorite Korean online beauty store, made sure I'm armed with the perfect makeup for the shoot.

If you are following me on social media, you'd know that my maternity shoot is a HUGE SUCCESS. Just look at this..

That's my favorite photo. Captures exactly what I want to see for my pregnant self. And since this is my last pregnancy, it is really very very important that I document it.

I decided to use Althea's latest makeup line since my pregnant skin only accepts Korean beauty products for some weird reason. Probably because most of them are not just makeups but has skin care properties as well. Most are also light and easy on the skin.

I did a vlog of that photo shoot but I'm listing here the exact products I used and a mini review as well.

First off is the Althea Eye Palette Sunrise & Moonrise BCL x Althea (1,780Php). This is a collab product between Althea and Indonesian singer, actress, and beauty and fashion icon Bunga Citra Lestari, more affectionately known as BCL.

This palette has 8 beautiful shades of mattes and shimmers. I specifically love the gold shade and that pretty raspberry pink which is very popular these days. The makeup palette is also pigmented and buildable enough for a photo shoot.

We used 4 shades out of 8 - the 2 shades from the top left as base and transition shade, dark brown shade on the bottom left for outer corner of my lid for definition and gold on the top right for the center and inner corner.

A personal favorite is Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer (200Php each). It comes in 4 shades - Vanilla, Ginger, Honey, and Mocha. Cor used 3 shades on me for the shoot. Ginger for the undereyes. Mocha for contour. Honey for everything else. Vanilla is just too white for me.

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter (300Php each) is a nice product if you wanna have that extra sparkle on your make up look. Cor used Gold Light on top of my eye makeup just to give it an extra glitter and shimmer.

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint (260Php each) in Marron Cream was used for my cheeks. While for my lips, it's a Marron Cream topped with Peach Cream.

I love that it smells good and does not dry up the lips. It's also long lasting. The colors are still there even after the photo shoot.

Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel (240Php) was used for the blemishes and dark spots on my neck. Yah know! Preggy hormones = dark neck. I applied this before covering with concealer to achieve that flawless look.

And the result?


We used other Korean makeup products that we also got from Althea for my eyebrows and eyeliner plus the falsies of course and mascara.

Super pretty right?! It's just a subtle makeup look perfect for that dreamy maternity shoot we had in mind.

Here's a much closer look for y'all. Look at that nice eye makeup and the perfect lip shade.

The spot film gel did wonders on my dark neck! It's really amazing!

I did a behind the scenes vlog and makeup haul for y'all! Check it out!

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