Go Zero Reusable Straw

I'm trying real hard to be environment conscious. We started with using all natural products and minimizing our carbon footprints.

So last year, I purchased this Go Zero stainless straw with brush and Tikog Pouch from Go Zero on FB.

Go Zero Reusable Straw

Makati City is a no-plastic zone so technically most of the restaurants here in Makati don't provide plastic straws anymore. And if you're like me who wear lipsticks most of the time, a straw is a must. Hence the decision to get one.

See, since there's a need for it already, I decided to get one for the office, at home, for the #FabSkye and another one on the go. I always have my stainless straw on my bag and would make sure to inform the waiters to not give me plastic straws as I have one already.

Go Zero Reusable Straw

I also always bring a my own chopsticks (stainless as well) for those times where I don't have utensils to use. Hahaha! I'm looking for a really small spoon now to complete my set. Teehee!!

Actually, I purchased this first quarter of last year but I guess I'll be more mindful in using it this year (aminado ako na di ko sya nagagamit religiously) as part of my #Simplify2018. What better way to simplify your life than to make sure that you also take care of the environment?

I wanna instill this value to my child. I want her to be more loving of mother earth and be more mindful of the way she treats the environment. Because I still want her to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Kayo mga mumsh? May mga tips pa din ba kayo on how to reduce your carbon footprint? Share!!

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