Invisible 50 Peso Challenge


Last July, me and my office friend, Ralph, started this Invisible 50 peso challenge and I was successful! So I'm sharing it all to you.

Why 50 Peso Challenge?

There are loads of saving challenge in social media but I honestly think this is the most doable for me.

1. Because this'll force me to really save.
2. 50 Peso bills are not as common as say 20 or 100 bills. But not naman as uncommon as say, 200 peso bills. So for sure I'd be able to save without really going hungry.
3. I wanted to use the money I'll save for Christmas. And I promised myself that I'll only stick to that budget. So kung konti ang ipon, konti ang Christmas budget. May target tayo besh, dapat ma-achieve.

How To Do It?

Technically, it's easy. Just treat all 50 Peso bills as invisible. Non existent. Parang wala lang. I started with keeping the 50 peso bills on my big wallet until makapal na and then I open an account where I deposit it. That account now holds my Christmas/Travel money.

My Experience

I was really very inspired to save because may paggagamitan nga. It'll be my Christmas budget. So talagang all the 50 peso bills, I kept it. There are days when I'd really have to spend the 50 pesos on my wallet pero I make sure to replace it. Sometimes I'd spend only 50 pesos but I'll pay it with 100 pesos kasi syempre if I get 50 pesos sukli, invisible yun. So balik din sa kanya. hahahah!

I started in July and by the 15th of December I was able to save around 20,000Php which became my Christmas budget. I added the 5,000Php Christmas gift from the company I work it and I have enough money for Christmas! That's for handa, gift and Kakay's Disney On Ice request. Buti nalang I got some gifts from blog sponsors. Naitawid namin.

This one is a triple whammy for me because I get to save up for Christmas, not overspend for Christmas holidays and I was able to put my 13th month pay bonus to good use like my daughter's emergency fund.

I plan to continue it this year. But since I've decided to make it may Christmas/Travel money I am more than excited to save up. Right now, instead of putting it on the bank, I put all my 50 pesos on my daughter's piggy bank where she also put all her Christmas money because we have some travel plans this year. I'll share with you soon how I introduced saving to my almost 4 year old. Nakakatuwa talaga because she understands it.

How about you mumsh? Anong saving strategy mo this year?

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