A Grade-schooler's Desk Tour

Hey! How are you mumshies?

It has been such a tiring 3 weeks for me. The #FabSkye started with school last month and oh boy! To say that it has been crazy is an understatement. Like, really!

Thing is, they are practicing a combination of synchronous (virtual classes) and asynchronous approach in schooling. And to be honest, maloka loka ako. Her school is from 7:30AM-2:00PM and I am working from home. Thank God I am working from home because honestly, I don't trust anybody else to do help her navigate to this new world of "laptop school". If it is crazy difficult for me, I know it is ten times more difficult for my 6-year old. We are both struggling, but I'm glad that we are doing it together.

I posted some tips on how to prepare your kids for distance learning and while I am glad we did all these preparations, I have to admit that it is still so difficult.

Buti nalang maganda ang study area ng #FabSkye so studying is atleast a little bit better.

So here we are with a desk tour!!

I hope you had fun with our video and we hope may napulot kayo kahit papaano! To my fellow mumshies, kaya natin to!!

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