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FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (4)

Ermergerd. Fashion blogger feels. Syemay! Kumusta naman sa posing bes? Harhar!

Anyway, because our Ninang Je blogged about the #ZayneBaby’s baptism, naalala ko na di ko pa naba-blog ang #OOTB ng #FabSkye on that fun, fun day. So here it is.

I love dressing up the #FabSkye now that she’s a bit bigger. And most especially now that she could pose for the camera. While looking at these set of photos, I realized that she became very comfy in front of the cam around that age. She would pose ala-fashion blogger and emote to the Nth level. Ang kyot lang.

Our look for the #FabSkye is always comfy and cute. Of course, for me as a mum, I would always prioritize comfort over anything. Kaya I am very particular with the fabric and style of the #FabSkye’s clothes. Even if she’s wearing a pair of denim shorts here, the denims are very soft and the band is soft and elastic.

Her top is actually a regular top that we tucked in to make it look like a crop top. This is one of our favorite tops because of it’s versatility and classic style. She also wore this top here. Diba ang versatile?

We still have a couple of #OOTB posts here on my hard drive and I’m honestly trying to clear things off. Part to ng aking #Wiser2016 mantra. And even if we’re on the final leg of 2016, pwede pang humabol. Push! Anyway, updated na naman ako sa mga dapat i-post eh. Konti nalang. Harhar!

So, chismis time!!

How’s your long weekend? Ours was spent attending on events and sleeping. Yes. Sleeping. I was not feeling well the entire week last week yun pala it’s that time of the month again. I’ve been telling you this over and over pero di talaga ako maka-move on. Di ko alam why I always feel like shit when it’s that time of the month. Ngayon lang to after giving birth. Dati naman hindi ako ganito. Ngayon talaga, may hilo, migraine, sakit ng katawan, pag swerte pa may kasamang fever. Weird!

I’ve already asked my OB about it and she said may mga ganun daw talaga. Some naman daw who used to have crazy PMS nung dalaga, biglang gumagaling after manganak. Mine is baliktad. Saklap!

Grabe we’re half way through September already. Naririnig nyo na ba si Jose Mari Chan sa mga malls? Pero honestly, I’m so happy that August ended na. Naniniwala ba kayo sa ghost month? Ramdam ko sya eh! Bwahaha.. Or siguro kasi we started with our car mortgage last month kaya major change talaga sa budgeting. Di din kasi biro yung dent nya sa budget eh.

We didn’t also foresee the gas and parking budget. Plus my husband is a new driver, as in he only started driving when we got the car last July. So he’s not that economical yet during the first 3 weeks. But now, he’s so much better! I’m just so glad that he adjusted quickly because gas price is no joke. But computing our gas budget vs our uber and taxi fare before, mas tipid padin ngayon. So #Wiser2016 padin talaga ang pagkuha ng car. More about that on my next posts. I’ll share what prompted the big buy and how we prepared for it.

So I guess that’s it. More kwento on my others posts.

Now gush over the #Fabskye’s cuteness.

FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (11)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (10)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (9)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (8)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (7)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (6)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (5)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (3)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (2)FabSkye-OOTB-Baby-Fashion (1)

When: January 2016 (Skye @ 23 Months)
Where: Zayne’s Baptism
What: Top: Sabina and Co. | Shorts: Thrifted | Ballet Shoes: Suki Kids

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