And just like that, 2015 is over.

First and foremost, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR #REIGNINGREADERS!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

I usually do a Thank You year ender post to remember the past years and all the blessings I had. But this year, instead of posting a year ender, I plan to do a start-of-the-year post. To welcome 2016 with a bang and remember and reflect on the year that was.

2015 has been awesome. I claimed it last year and it indeed turned awesome. Not perfect. But awesome nonetheless.

My 2015 started a bit off. I initially planned a big 1st birthday for my daughter but I ended up with a simple and intimate one. God works in mysterious ways indeed. I wanted a grand birthday party but God knows I NEED a small, intimate one with just the people who matters most – my bestfriends. Those who helped me in mothering my child. Now, I have no regrets at all. I could look back and tell my child, we celebrated on the best way possible.

2015 is also the year I lost my very dear Ate. Up to this day, I still miss her terribly. She is Skye’s ninang, my Ate. We grew up together and my parents treat her like their own. So it was really devastating. Writing this now, made me tear up. I miss her. I miss her so much. But I know that God has plans for us. Her children, her loved ones.

But 2015 is also the year we welcomed by niece, ENCHANG. Our little darling. She definitely made our house a little fuller and a lot happier. Skye’s such a lovable big sister. I’m so happy.

2015 also started off with some issues work-wise. Honestly, I found myself lost. I won’t divulge the deets here but it was tiring and I was drained to the core. But I ended 2015 with a promotion. And I am so grateful for that. So now I’m starting 2016 with a solid goal, career-wise. This is me anyway. I love my job. Alam ko madalas ako nagrereklamo for waking up early and leaving my child everyday to go to work pero trabaho ko ang bumubuhay sa dugo ko. I’m glad that during the final quarter of last year, I found my purpose once again. Naramdaman ko ulit yung passion na nawala sa akin.

I also initially wanted 2015 to be awesome money-wise. I started off that shopping ban chuchu na major fail naman. Hahaha! But I’m so glad that I still managed to start somewhere. Me and my daughter both have an insurance and investments now. At least I could sleep at night knowing that I managed to secure my daughter’s future. My investment account is for my retirement. I don’t want to burden my child so nag iipon ako ng para sa sarili ko. I am still building my emergency fund and Skye’s educational fund that’s why I claim a #WISER2016.

Yep. #Wiser2016 is this year’s hashtag. And everyday I will have to remind myself that I am wiser this year. On all aspects of my life.

I still do an x-point goal every year. I always have it written at the back of my planner. That way, I could do check points and remind myself of what I need to do. Last year, I managed to tick off some but there are still a lot left to do.

I welcome 2016 with hopefulness, joy and prayers. I’m claiming a #Wiser2016. I know I can do it.

2015 has been great to my blog. Collabs, events, etc. But I know I’m not as wise as I want to be so I’ll be a #wiser2016 blogger too. Madaming pending posts, I was a bit lax on blogging. Na-miss ko yung diary-like blog posts ko and I plan to bring that back. I hope you, my #ReigningReaders, will still be there on my future journey. Walang iwanan, pinky swear?

Happy 2016 everyone!!!! God bless you.

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