Of Eyelets, Fairies and Whites

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Hello everyone! *wave*wave*

Did you miss me? I miss you too!! I’m sorry if I didn’t blog for a long long time. I was so busy running and playing and jumping on the bed (No more monkeys jumping on the bed!). I was also busy watching Frozen everyday. And waking up Elsa every morning. Yes. Yes. I only wake up my Nanay and Tatay and I call them Elsa, but whatever! They would usually say “Go away, Anna!” anyway.

They totally get me. That’s why I love my Nanay and Tatay.

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Here are some of the pictures from my photo shoot last month at the Museong Pambata. Nanay asked Tito Dar of Frames Perfect Studios to take our pictures and they turned out awesome.

I love Tito Dar. He is very nice to me. He did not force me to pose and smile on the camera. He patiently waits until I am ready to strike a pose. Thank you Tito Dar for being so nice to me! *wave*wave*

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This is my first set of clothes. I had 3 by the way. I was wearing eyelets and ribbons on my white top and fairies on my pretty skirt. Plus flowers on golden shoes. I love it!
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Top: Sabina & Co. (IG: @sabinandco) | Skirt: SM Kids | Shoes: Suki Kids
Tita Cor of Beauty & Glamour did my hair. She made super pretty braids. I look lovely. I just wish I had my bangs back then. I would have looked prettier.

But anyway, I am pretty. Whatever hair do I got.

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Maybe you are wondering what tricks I could do now? Oh well, I could now pray the Angel of God all on my own. Here’s how I do it:
“Pader. Chan. Owi. Pirit. Amen.
Hmm God…
Hnnn Dear..
Hmm Love..
Hnnn Day..
Hnnggg Guard..
Chesus. Labyu. Chesus Labyu. Owi. Impant. Chesus. Byes. Hnnn Tek As.
Pader. Chan. Owi. Pirit. Amen”

Very good? I pray every night since I was a baby. I don’t know why Nanay was so shocked when she heard me pray all on my own a couple of months ago. She didn’t know that I memorize it already. But hello? We do it every night and me and cupcake also pray every day before I take a bath. I have it memorized ages ago! Nanay can’t still take a video of me praying. Harhar! She is so bagal. I am done by the time she got her phone. I pray really fast, you know. Because I have to pray before I dede. So I pray really fast so I could dede right away.

What else can I do?
I could count one to ten! Yes. Yes. I could count one to ten since I was 18 months old. But I love doing it while climbing up or down the stairs. Or while counting my books.

I could also identify colors since I was 20 months. My Nanay was so shocked when she heard me saying the colors of everything around me. We were with my Ninang Joie when she heard me. Hello? I learned the colors on YouTube!

I also love singing the “finger family song”, “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” and every Frozen song. I love singing and dancing. They make me happy.

I also always ask Tatay to give me flowers every time we go out or every time we were out for a stroll. We are so blessed to live in a place with a lot of blooming flowers. I love the pink one and the white one. And I always ask my Tatay to pick a flower and give it to me. Which I would smell and hold for a long long time.

I love walking around. I love running. My favorite playmate is Kuya Allen. And I really love him. I love study time and I could identify almost every animal on my book that my Ninang Rooks gave me.
I also love the play tent that my Ninang Joie gave me. I am blessed because I have very adorable Ninangs who really love me and know me so well. I will let Nanay tell you more stories about me. Or you could follow her IG account (@reigningstill)! I’m always there. And yeah, you’d also see a lot of my Nanay’s selfies but whatever!


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