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I am super meticulous with feminine hygiene. Ang pangit naman kasi if you smell down there? And I swear, my husband will kill me. Hahahaha! Or maybe, I’d lose the husband – whichever comes first.

When I got pregnant, I become extra meticulous. Coz pregnant women are super sensitive. We have vaginal discharge, we are prone to UTI and hello, that’s like the entrance to my kid. So yeah! I am keeping the door to my baby clean and protected at all times.

Now, post-partum I noticed that I am more sensitive specially during red days. During the first few months when my period returned (that’s like more than a year post partum coz I’m breastfeedin’), my menstruation is a little bit more smelly (TMI alert!). I actually asked my OB about it and she said that’s because of the blood build up on my utero wall. I didn’t have my menstruation for a year, so there’s a whole LOT of blood build up. Although, she’s right when she said that it will eventually go back to how it used to be. Now it’s all better.

But regardless, I still made sure that I get extra TLC down there especially on red days. And because I know that this topic is kinda taboo for us girls, I will be your voice – women of the world. 

And I will list down some tips on how to care for your intimates.
  1. Be gentle but deliberate in washing your vajayjay. Just gently clean around and outside with a gentle feminine wash and make sure you rinse thoroughly.
  2. Wash at least once a day on regular days and more than once during red days.
  3. Your vajayjay needs extra TLC during red days, when you’ve gone vaginal surgery or when you’ve just given birth. It is important to use an OB-gyn tested and recommended antiseptic feminine wash like GynePro. Gynepro has Chlorhexidine digluconate, a clinical-strength but gentle antiseptic ingredient , that promises thorough cleaning during monthly red days or while you’re healing from vaginal procedures.
  4. Make sure that you wear clean underwear at all times. Change underwear often. When I was pregnant and can’t use panty liners, I change my underwear multiple times a day.
  5. During red days, change pad regularly. I usually change pad every time I pee. I just can’t wrap around my head on the thought that I’d put back on a bloody pad. Ew!
  6. pH balance is very important for our vajayjays. So we have to make sure that we keep that pH balance. Harsh soaps would cause itchiness because it destroys the pH balance. Use a gentle feminine wash like pH care or if you want natural wash you can opt for human heart nature.
  7. Go and visit your OB-gyn and do not be shy to ask out. Our feminine area are very, very important. So we have to make that we take care of it.

And while we are on the topic of extra TLC, allow me to share with you the latest addition to my bathroom must haves – GynePro.

GynePro is a superior antiseptic feminine wash with Chlorhexidine digluconate, proven to be the safest and most effective antiseptic intimate wash out in the market.
  • 2x fast-acting and longer-lasting protection
  • Hard on harmful organisms, but gentle on skin
  • Does not stain the skin
  • OB-Gynecologist–tested and recommended
  • Supplements your daily feminine wash with extra care when you need it
  • For use during your red days to ensure antiseptic cleanliness and protection!

Super thanks to #GynePro and my #SwitchCollab family for my stash. Now, my you-know-whats are really happy and fresh.

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