Review: Soriano's Cafe and Restaurant (Silang, Cavite)


Before heading home from our Hotel Kimberly staycation, the #ReigningTatay decided to take detour and visit Soriano's Cafe and Restaurant in Silang, Cavite.

He said he has been reading good feedbacks about this restaurant and he wanted to know what's the buzz it all about.

The restaurant is definitely instagram-worthy. Or is it TikTok worthy nowadays?

The Team Kahoy vibes make it feel homey and just over all nice.

The interior designer of the place is really good! She made sure that every nook and cranny of the place is worth posting. When you enter, you won't stop making IG stories or reels or TikTok posts coz it's just pretty all over.

Fish Chips and Vinegar appetizer
We were immediately offered this fish chips the minute we settled down on our table. They are crispy and nice that the kids can't stop munching on them. I have to remind them not to eat a lot coz we ordered loads of food for us to try.

Baked Salmon
Let me start with their Baked Salmon - it is to die for! I love the fresh salmon with generous servings of cheese on top baked to perfection.

I don't remember the prices of the food we got but definitely this one is on the pricier side. I remembered contemplating if this is worth to try coz I have had the best salmons in the US and usually the ones I would get from here are bland for my taste.

Glad that we all ended up liking this dish.

Bagnet Kare-Kare
The Crispy Bagnet Kare-Kare is also another dish worth trying especially if you love Kare-kare like our little family. The bagnet is crispy, the peanut sauce is not too overpowering and the bagoong is really good.

Though the serving is too small. We love smothering our rice with kare-kare sauce so bitin talaga for us.

Fried Chicken
The #GabMazing used to be a picky eater (not anymore!) so a fried chicken is a must! Their chicken is also really good. The batter is just right and the chicken are crispy and juicy. But the best part if the gravy. Ugh! Really good.

I know we also ordered a soup dish but I don't have a photo of it. I can't remember the soup dish so it seems like it's just so-so.

Spanish Latte
Spanish Latte is my go to iced coffee of choice. It is the safest for me as a big coffee snob. (Yep! Vietnam has really elevated my coffee taste buds.) My Spanish Latte is REALLY good - creamy, not too sweet and the espresso is just right. I was actually amazed at how good it is. You could really tell that they use good beans.

I don't remember what Tatay got but it must be a Vanilla Coffee or something. After our Vietnam trip, the Tatay has started loving coffee and he said his is also good.

Hand-dripped Coffee
When the owner of the restaurant approached us to ask how's the food and the drinks, I complimented their barista because I really loved their coffee. The owner called the barista so I could say my compliments to him in person and we started talking coffee. It feels great to talk to people who is as passionate to coffee as I am.

During our conversation, he mentioned this special beans that just arrived and offered that he could make me a drip coffee if I want to try the beans. Of course, I said YES!

And oh my goodness. The coffee is just my cup of tea (or coffee?). I love fruity notes on my coffee and this is just perfection! I would have loved to get another pot but I'm afraid I'd start palpitating already.

I just wish they would start selling their beans because deym! It's so good. And they said it is locally sourced so yey!

Overall dining experience is really good! Looking at these photos made me want to pay them another visit. When we went there, they were on soft-opening only and the owner promised us that more options would come once they start settling in.

I am also thinking that they'd be a great events place. The interiors are good and they have good food!

For an intimate wedding or birthday party, this place would be perfect.

You may check out more about their place via their Facebook Page.

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