Politricks - Fun, Politics, Social Awareness in One Card Game

The other week, I was invited on the launch of the newest card game craze here in Manila - Politricks.

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Politricks is a new card game based on Philippine politics. The aim of the game is to simply win (get the most number of vote cards), at all cost. You can sing, dance, cry, buy votes, pay the media, start an EDSA revolution, marry a celebrity, and a whole lot more familiar scenarios. All the dirty tricks that our beloved politicians do just to gain vote, get money and win the game.

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The creators of this game really studied Philippine politics to the core and has used them to make an awesome, fun game. Alam mo yung feeling na relate na relate ka sa ginagawa mo? Yun na yun ang Politricks!

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What I love about this game is that it's very timely. If you are watching the news, you could really relate. And you could also learn a thing or two. Especially now that the election is coming. Understanding the core of Philippine politics through a game could help us be a wiser voter.

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When I introduce this game to my husband, we spent the entire night playing. Hahahaha! He even made sure we pack this on our staycation and played some more at the hotel. The thing about this card is it’s very fun. And easy to play too. But you really, really have to be mean! My gulay! My husband ambushed me twice already with this game. The pig! Hahahaha! (Yeah! There’s an ambush card that can only be stopped by fleeing the country. I was able to flee once though.)

Card games are really “in” these days. With restaurants like Ludos and Snacks & Ladders that offer boardgames and food, you could really tell that the millennials are really in to these kind of thing.

My officemates alone are so much into card games and board games. We would spend the entire lunch break playing games. Nakakaaliw kasi. Not just that, but it's very engaging also. Not to mention the bragging rights you'd get after winning - PRICELESS.

I played with some of the guests during the launch and won on my first game ever. So yeah! I think I have a future in politics. Harhar! But my husband is playing well too. Pwede na ata kaming dynasty. Apir!

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Go and buy one. Check out their facebook page here to know where you can buy. I think they are available in some board game cafe here in the metro. Cards cost around 500-600php per deck. But it’s really super worth it. Buy na and have a game of Politricks with your friends and family. I swear maingay na game to. With a lot of “you didn’t!” and “how dare you!”s.


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