Review: Hidden Charm Cafe and Tree House Mansion Restaurant (Silang, Cavite)

Hidden Charm Cafe Tree House Mansion Restaurant

Living in the south has it’s perks - we are now less than an hour away from Tagaytay and Silang! And so it is easier to visit every time we’d have a random craving for a hot bowl of Bulalo.

Tagaytay Bulalo

One of our favorite place to visit is Hidden Charm Cafe and Tree House Mansion Restaurant. It’s a very beautiful restaurant at the heart of Silang. Easily “waze-able”even though it’s really on a more hidden area. True to it’s name, it really is a hidden restaurant oozing with charm and beauty.

Instagrammable Cafe in Tagaytay

We we’re able to visit the place twice already. And both experiences are wonderful!

Best Restaurant in Tagaytay

Our first visit is around October 2022. The #ReigningTatay found it on facebook and wants to try it because it is “Instagrammable”. And it did not disappoint! The place is really instagrammable that you can’t help but take loads of pictures.

Tree House Mansion Tagaytay

Best Place to Celebrate in Tagaytay

Second visit is around February 2023, in time for my kid’s birthday celebration. February is a month-long celebration for my family coz both my kids are born that month. And I really make it a point to make their birth month extra special. This trip is with our immediate family. A very intimate dinner with the people who matters most in my kid’s life. It was also extra fun because when we visited, there’s a live performer singing for all the guests. And she graciously allowed the #FabSkye to sing as well. It was fun watching my child perform in front of a small audience with gusto.

Kid-friendly Restaurant in Tagaytay

Both visits are really good. The staffs are extra attentive and nice. They were on soft-opening during our first visit so they only accept cash (which we don’t have) but they still allowed me to pay via G-cash thru one of their staff. On our second visit they already accept Paymaya and G-cash. Not sure if they accept cards already. I think they did. Which is great.

Hidden Charm Cafe

All the food we tried are muy delicioso. There are two restaurants in the area but you can dine on either side and order on both. The bigger restaurant - Tree House Mansion is where you’d find traditional Filipino dishes and really good selection of cakes. While Hidden Charm Cafe offers coffee, milk tea, and western dishes like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, etc. We always sit on Tree House Mansion Restaurant because it is more convenient especially if you are having a full meal with family.

Tree House Mansion

We always order coffee on their cafe and on both occasions, the coffee did not disappoint. But my favorite is probably their Pizza Magherita. Both of my kids (specially the #GabMazing) are pizza addicts so it’s a must to order one if it’s available. Their pizza is really really good! My son only likes cheese pizza and doesn’t complicated flavours - this one is perfect from crust to the pizza sauce to the cheese toppings. Probably one of the best pizzas in Silang.

Pizza Magherita
Pizza Margherita (290php)

Of course, no visit in Tagaytay/Silang area is complete without a bowl of Bulalo. Their serving is huge and the bowl is served with the little flame underneath the stainless the bowl to keep it hot. The bulalo is just perfect. The beef is soft, not too salty nor bland, and the serving is generous. Really a must have if you ever drop by.

Tree House Bulalo
Tree House Bulalo (750php)

Another favorite is their Pork Sisig. We got these on both visits and it’s just so perfect to pair with Bulalo. I think you can never go wrong with a sizzling plate of sisig in a Filipino restaurant.

Pork Sisig
Pork Sisig (350php)

A surprise favorite is their Dinakdakan. For me, this is one of the hardest dish to pull because the mayo could make it too nakakaumay, and the pork needs to be grilled just the right way or else you’d end up with chewy meat. Their version is sooo good. It instantly became a crow favorite.

Pork Dinakdakan
Dinakdakan (390php)

We also tried their Grilled Pork Barbeque. While the dish is good, I must say it’s nothing special. But it’s also something worth getting especially if you love grilled pork belly.

Grilled Pork Belly
Grilled Pork Barbeque (320php)

As for the rice, we tried their Mansion Fried Rice because Bagnet seems like a good idea. Well, it was because the rice is really good but I guess we should’ve been more conscious on the amount of fat we ordered. But oh well!

Bagnet Fried Rice
Mansion Fried Rice (290php)

And the kids can’t say no to a slice of Tiramisu so we gave in. Which is a good call because my picky eater son loved it!


Overall, the experience is really good. The food is superb. And the ambience is just perfect. Definitely coming back real soon.

Sunflower Tattoo

Instagrammable Cafe in Silang

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