On Being a Home Owner


I have been dreaming of being a home owner since I was a kid. Yeah! Yeah! I know a lot of Filipinos are like that. We all dream of that. I mean, if you talk to someone who just won the lottery or a whole lot of money, and ask them what they'll do with it, they would definitely say they'd buy a house.

Now that I have a small family of my own, I really want to buy a house for us. Somewhere I could call mine/ours. Yung ako ang reyna. A place where my child would grow up. Somewhere safe and clean and happy.

Right now, we are still living with the parentals and while I really, really feel blessed because my family is there to help me raise my kid, I still wish that one day I could get a place of our own.

And since I vowed for a #Wiser2016, the ReigningTatay and I are actually looking into the possibility of buying our own house.

But getting a house is no joke. It's a huge responsibility and it means money. My best friend, someone I really admire when it comes to money-handling, is already a home owner and I know how financially draining it'll get if someone is not ready. Paying for the mortgage alone would be crazy.

That's why I am taking this house hunting seriously. And I wanna make sure that I have all the information I could get before grabbing on to the first "house for sale" I'd see. And end up swimming in debt. Oh no, no, no!

I'm just so glad that I live in this age of technology and the internet. I mean, getting information about almost everything under the sun is super easy. Everything is literally just one click away.

And my house hunting was made easier with Lamudi and the tons of information they got thru their White Paper Report. 

Lamudi is an online property listing site. Basically, everything you need to know about buying a property is there. So if you are like me, who's looking into a possibility of being a home owner, Lamudi is a great place to check out.

One thing great about this site is that they do not only show you a list of the properties that you could buy. They usually have this yearly white paper report where they'd conduct surveys on Filipinos about their plans on property buying. They would tell you why it's super okay to invest now. How the Philippine economy is doing? Where are the popular places to buy a property? Do Filipinos prefer a condo or a house? How much does a property cost in each area? To buy or to rent?

They have a whole lot of information on their site that'll really help you understand what you are trying to get into.

As I've said, being a home owner is not a joke. And this is something you should really study and try to get as much information as possible.

Right now, we are on the information gathering phase and Lamudi has been a great help to us.

When I attended the Lamudi Kick Off Party last month, I really learned a lot about properties and the role of the internet to all of us. And while they say that the year of the monkey is a great year for property investment, I am relying to Lamudi's extensive report to help me sort things out. And yeah, pray with me please. :)

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