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On my previous blog post, I mentioned how important undergarment is on one’s outfit. And so I really invest on nice fitting brassieres. I want to make sure that they cup my babies well so I’d feel comfortable the whole day. But aside from nice fit, I also go for items that are versatile. Peek-a-boo straps are a major fashion no-no! And I so hate it when women wear strapped brassieres on their spaghetti strap top (unless you have one of those candy colored thin straps that sometimes look okay or cute). They make an outfit look cheap and lousy.

And because I love you my dear readers, I am sharing one of my fashion secret once again.

And it’s WACOAL!


Wacoal now launches its line of fashionable and trendy brassieres that you can wear your own way. Multi-way brassiere is not a new thing but Wacoal’s line is surely one of my top picks because they are not only trendy and versatile, they also have good quality and fits perfectly.

So allow me to share with you some of my top picks:


The SORCI AGE 2004 (Php 795). This can be worn with or without straps. Can be worn criss-cross or halter style. And since this a basic half-cup bra, this one is perfect low neckline tops, polo, or even the basic tee.


The SB 2101 (Php 1,100). This also comes in convertible straps. But don’t you just love that halter-style option? This is perfect for tube tops for that added effect of a halter. This is one of those examples where peek-a-boo bra straps are so okay. They come in candy colors (pink and blue) so they are perfect for summer. :) This I think is perfect for my DIY’d shirts!


The SA 2022 (Php 795 but their on SALE so you can get for Php477! Hurry!!). I love low necklines. But they can be a bit difficult to wear because I don’t want my babies to wave hello to the public right? So everytime I’m wearing low neckline tops or dresses, I make sure I wear my best bra. And this one is perfect! :) Like the previous 2, it comes with detachable straps that can be worn multi-way. Wear it strapless or asymmetrical. The options are endless!!

So there you go! I hope I was able to help you choose the right undergarments for you. And Wacoal is such a perfect option. They are not too expensive so pasok sa banga sa budget. Plus of course, you get the quality that your boobies deserve. After all, they are our babies. :)

Do not ever commit the fashion crime of wearing the wrong undergarment ever again!

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