Kabigan Falls (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte)


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My friends are suckers for beautiful falls so it’s a no brainer that Kabigan Falls is included on our itinerary. Though the whole time we’re there, we kept on calling it KAIBIGAN falls only to find out later that it’s actually KABIGAN. Hihihihi… Ang alamat ng Kaibigan Falls – bow!


There’s a 30-40 minute trek going to the falls itself. We literally had to cross mountains, farms, rivers, creeks, streams and loads of trees just to get there. It was no joke! Very tiring but uber fun!!


Of course, being the true tourist that we are, we just keep on snapping photos of the beautiful surroundings. Although we we’re walking endlessly, we are having fun. Laughing while walking makes it doubly tiring but who cares? I’m with friends anyway.


Our whole Ilocos trip is full of “alamat”. So the Kaibigan Falls is not exempted on our alamat-making trip. Wanna know the alamat of Kaibigan Falls as written by my friend Kalli?


“Ang Alamat ng Kaibigan Falls”

Isang araw, may 7 magkakaibigan na naglakad ng malayo para makarating sa falls ng Ilocos. Mula noon, tinawag na itong Kaibigan Falls.


Yep! That’s it. Yun na yung alamat. Some alamats are best kept short. Come to think of it, super corny nya but that time tawang tawa ako!


And so after almost an hour of walking, we saw this…


It was all worth it! The falls is gorgeous. And although we we’re not able to try the water (read: we’re not swimming ready), we still had a great time taking pictures.


We even did spiderman stunts just to get closer to the falls for the sake of picture taking. Minsan talaga kelangan buwis-buhay ang picture picture eh! But it’s no joke huh! We really did spiderman moves! And I think nainggit yung iba coz we saw a couple more groups following our lead. #inggitera


Sorry if the photos are a bit blurred. Sina kuya tour guide hindi very good sa picture taking eh. Unlike other Philippine toursist spots na nakakagulat ang photography skills nung mga tour guide. Kabigan Falls doesn’t have those.

So after our buwis buhay photo op, we walked for another hour to get back to our car. Tiring, but worth it!


** You need pay Php 20.00 per pax for the entrance fee to Kabigan Falls.

** You also need to pay Php150 for the tour guide. Although there’s a path in going to the falls, its best to get a guide. Remember that you need to cross streams and the kuyas come in handy. I think we paid Php200 for our guide. Coz eventhough wala syang talent sa photography, he’s very nice naman.

** If you want to swim, make sure you bring your clothes with you or that you’re wearing something that you don’t mind getting wet.

** Be extra careful on the batuhan. They are a bit slippery.

** Kabigan Falls is near Patapat Viaduct so you can visit that as well.

** Before going to the falls, make sure you have snack ready or waiting for your return. For sure, after walking for almost 2 hours, you’re all starving! Thank heavens I have bread and some spreads ready. Kasi feeling ko talaga hihimatayin ako sa gutom after!

** Enjoy the nature! Wala nyan sa Maynila!





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  1. reigningstillJune 13, 2013

    talaga?? Hindi eh! May baon kasi kami nun. Ay! Bbq ata natry ko. :)

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