Our Happy Home With Fukuda

TV is life sa bahay namin. With my mother who watches O-Shopping and teleseryes the entire day plus our 2 toddlers, di talaga pwede na isa lang ang telly. It's always a warzone between the kids and my mother. And my mother always wins since we try to minimize the kid's screen time. Kaso, paano naman kami?!

So imagine our happiness when these 32 inches FUKUDA LED TV arrived at our doorsteps! Di lang halata but the #FabSkye is really more than excited. Actually, it's my mum who's more excited coz this TV went directly to her little corner. Yep! The mother now has her own TV. And mind you! She's been using and abusing this TV for more than a week now!

What We Love

  1. It's a LED TV. Generally, LED tv are more energy efficient than CRT, LCD or plasma.
  2. We live in a small home with my extended family so Fukuda's slim design is happiness. We we're able to squeeze it on a tiny wall on my mother's little corner using a wall bracket.
  3. The images are sharp and clear. I was amazed by the quality of Fukuda. This TV is clear on almost all angles. Even if we're on the other side of the room, it is still very clear.
  4. You could connect a tiny USB on it and watch downloaded movies. You could even connect your PC and use it as an extended monitor (this one I haven't tried but the USB connection is great.)
  5. This is really value for money. This one only costs 9995Php in Lazada believe it or not! And with the quality of the television and the fact that it's Fukuda, a trusted brand, is really value for money!

Ze mother is more than satisfied with her new telly! She kept on gushing about how awesome it is to have her own television na super clear. Ayan! Maghapon nasa O-Shopping! At weekly may dumadating na package sa amin. Parang yun ata ang downside ng Fukuda. Sa sobrang sharp ng images, lahat ng binebenta sa O-Shopping maganda for her! Malinaw na nyang nakikita eh.

If you also want to experience the best LED TV in the country, just go visit Fukuda's website to learn more!

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  1. Okay na okay ang LED TV, aside from the picture quality, tipid pa sa kuryente.


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