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Y'all know that I did some modification with the blog recently. The layout. The look. The purge of non-Parenting related posts and transfer to the other blog. Honestly, I did that because I noticed a drop on my blog stats since last year. The drop was gradual and it eventually affected my DA as well.

All these years, I'm the only one doing my SEO. I have knowledge with SEO being on the IT world. I also did my design because, fortunately, I could code. I managed to increase my blog DA to 36. A good number if you ask me considering I'm not really a sikat blogger and I'm using Blogspot, plus as mentioned, I only did it myself. But SEO is an ever changing world. Google is updating often affecting my ranks, numbers and stats.

Anyway, because of some updates and tinkering I did last year, as I've said, my blog's DA dropped to 29. A huge drop, really. I was able to raise it up again to 32 but my other stats are still dropping.

That's why I already ask for some help. I'm too busy to read about Google's latest updates. With this pregnancy, my demanding work, mothering and managing the household - wala na kong time beshies! Di na talaga ng katawang lupa ko. So enter na si SEO Hacker!

SEO Hacker started around 2010 and is now one of the top SEO Services company in the Philippines and offer best quality service for SEO and internet marketing. With their CEO, Sean Si, I am confident that they could help me with my dilemma. I mean, with their long list of reputable clients, I know I'm in good hands.

While I am a bit knowledgeable with SEO, I still think I need the help of people who are really experts on this stuff. I mean, just with Google's recent updates and technology's constant changes, keeping up to date is really difficult. Gaya nga ng sabi ko, my numbers are dropping and I honestly have no clue why. While I could research on it, I think getting experts to work for me is always the best and safest bet.

I understand that SEO does not happen overnight. And the SEO hacker people are slowly working on my blog's SEO little by little. I'll get back to you guys once I get really good results! I hope it happen soon coz I'm really getting worried. Can't wait!

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