Review: Ace Water Spa (Pasig City)

20121129-ace-hotel-pahabol-highres-0007** Photo from the Ace Water Spa Official Website.

Our Ace Hotel reservation comes with Ace Water Spa pass for two so we availed it after checking in at the hotel and snapping some look shots. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) cameras are not allowed on the pool so we were not able to snap some photos for ze blog but allow me to describe our hydrotherapy massage experience to you.

Ace Water Spa requires every guest to wear tight fitting and spandex swimsuits. Being the modest girl that I am… okay fine! I’m not modest, I have flabs all over so wearing tight fitting swimsuit is a major dilemma for me. So I decided to wear my tankini and pair it with a black cycling shorts to hide most of my unwanted flabs and cellulites. Just make sure you don’t wear underwear coz they are really strict with that. They check it!!

Anyway, after giving our pass to the Ace Water Spa reception area, we were ushered to the changing rooms. Female and Male guests have separate changing rooms. On the changing rooms, we we’re asked to deposit our footwear and then we’re given a key to the lockers. The key comes with a rubber bracelet that can be worn while swimming so you won’t lose it. Bright idea it is. Also, after seeing that we brought our room towels with us, we we’re reminded to keep an eye on them coz losing it means that we have to pay 1600php. Whoah! Mahal nung towel. Kaya hindi namin dinala sa pool area, tinago namin sa locker! Nyaharhar!

After putting our towels and some of our things on the locker (we are already in our swimsuits so no need to change), we are required to shower first before heading to the pool. The staff would really stop you if they noticed that you haven’t showered yet and would politely ask you to shower.

The Water Spa offers different facilities to enjoy – they have the lap pool for some swimming, the massage pool where you can enjoy soft, moderate and hard water massages, they also have hot herbal pools, kiddie pools, lazy river and the sauna and steam room. Of course we tried everything!

The first thing we tried is the hot herbal pool but after a couple of minutes, Jerellt realized that we we’re supposed to do this last since it’s the relaxing pool and must be done after the massages. Hang talino ng bestfriend ko!!

So we went to the massage pool area. There are loads to choose from and each targets a specific part of the body. There are instructions on how to use them and the proper position to enjoy the best benefit of the hydrotherapy massages which uses water pressure to massage your body. They offer soft, moderate and hard massages. There are buttons where you could adjust the pressure and the instructions/labels would also tell you details like the target area and the benefits. I enjoyed the pool massage especially Rainfall Acupuncture which is best enjoyed when lying face down while raindrop-like water massage every part of the body. I just find it a bit tickly on the leg part. But it’s oh so relaxing.

Some of the facilities pressure are too hard for me so I just stayed for a minute or two. While some I enjoyed too much that I stayed for a good 5minutes! :) We make sure that we tried everything though. Para sulit. But after an hour of moving from one facility to another, I am already exhausted.
We didn’t go to the kiddie pool area anymore kasi ayaw na namin agawan ng space ang mga bagets, hinayaan na namin sila dun. But we tried the lazy river which is super fun. There are floating boards provided that can be used on the lazy river so you can float around the pool as the slow current pushes you. Very relaxing. I think I might have dozed off a little.

Our next stop is the lap pool. I’m not a swimmer but I can do a couple of laps so I did just that. I tried to show off my non-existent swimming prowess.

After a couple of minutes on the lap pool, Erlie and I headed to the Steam Room. It’s super relaxing! I love hot baths and Saunas and Steam Rooms coz it makes me feel relaxed. We stayed a couple of minutes on the Steam Room and then cool off for a good 5minutes and drink some water (drinking water and plastic cups are provided). Then we enjoyed the Sauna Room next where we were later joined by the rest of the gang. Pero lumabas sila agad ng Sauna kasi mainit daw. Teh! Sauna nga eh! Alangan malamig? Ref lang?!!! Mga friends ko minsan may sapak!

And then we had a great time on the herbal pools. There are 4 hot herbal pools with different temperature. There’s the Mint Pool at 36C, the Jasmine Pool at 38C and the Lavander Pool at 40C. It is advisable that you stay for 5-10 minutes on each pool starting at the Mint Pool and then take a 5 second dip on the Cold Pool located at the center before going to the much hotter pool. So basically its Hot Pool – Cold Pool – Hot Pool – Cold Pool – Hot Pool – Cold Pool. And I love it!!! The Cold pool is freezing but once you get out of the pool you’d have this tingling sensation on your skin which feels so darn good!!

We spent around 3  hours on the Water Spa and then felt tired and hungry so we decided to call it a day.

My verdict? It’s a great, fun and relaxing activity to do with friends and family. You’d enjoy swimming and at the same time have a massage. Just don’t stay too long on the massage pool or go over the advised minutes to spend on each area coz it’ll make you sore after. I should know, I spend a good 10 minutes on the rainfall massage and suffered sore shoulders. Bwahahahah! Tigas kasi ng ulo.
I also loved that they are strict on their rules and everything you need is there. There are loads of lifeguards and staff on the area. Pipituhan ka pag may bad kang ginawa. Nyaharhar…

I just find it weird that they allowed a guy with long dreadlocks in the area. I mean, they don’t wash those dreadlocks right? And I once had an encounter with a guy with dreadlocks and his hair smells yucky!! Or am I being judgmental here? Please shed some light!!!!!!

Overall, I recommend Ace Water Spa as a relaxing way to enjoy summer. It costs 550php for a 4 hour pass (which is just enough to enjoy all the amenities) or you could buy some vouchers that only costs 350php.


  1. inverter_08May 26, 2013

    Thank you! Thank you! Hahaha! Dapat daw kasi warm-up muna bago mag-swimming e. Kaya naglublob tayo sa warm haha! :p

  2. Christine Joie RelevanteMay 26, 2013

    yung sinabi mo yung pito may naalala ako =)) ahahahaha :p

  3. reigningstillMay 26, 2013

    Nyahahaha! Oo nga eh! Ang talino mo teh! Hihihihi..

  4. reigningstillMay 26, 2013

    hahahahaha.. Kami ba yun? Adik yun si ate, sabi kaya paa muna!!! Baliw lang?

  5. Mgkksama girls & boys sa lhat?

  6. Thanks sa info :D


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