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Sino ba mas wacky?! Si Mummy Chubby ba o si Baby Lala?!


And here’s another one. Harhar! Tulo laway, haba nguso. such a picture perfect moment!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We only got Skye her first ever pair of shoes when she’s 5.5 months.

This one…

P1060039 Enfant (Php 285.00)

You might ask me why. A fashionable mummy like me would surely want my baby to have lotsa shoes that’ll match every outfit she has on her wardrobe.

But no!

Me, ReigningTatay and Mummy Chubby all agreed to one thing – no shoes until she’s big enough to walk.

Actually, our babies only need shoes when they are walking already. And making them wear shoes early could squash their feet and prevent them from growing properly. Feeling ko talaga yan ang dahilan kung bakit size 2 ang paa ko! I wore shoes too early.

So for Skye, we only make her wear socks. She’s a baby for crying out lout. I want her to look like one. That’s one of my major issue with some parents. Bakit ba laging pinagsusuot ang bata ng pang dalaga? Some kids would wear heels and tube tops and pekpek shorts. Come on! Make them wear something that’ll make them look like their age. They have the rest of their lives to wear those “dalaga” outfits.

So anyway, I am out of topic once again. Harhar! Yeah! On Skye’s first pair…

We got it from enfant. We decided to buy her one as a trial pair. Just to see if she’d like it. We made sure to get a pair that fits her properly. Usually, I’d see babies with too big shoes. Panong naging fashyown yun, aber? Plus the babies might lose it. Sa kagustuhan na matagal isuot ang sapatos di bale ng mukhang McDonalds?! Ayoko naman nun!

I also opted for a pair that feels like socks inside. If you look closely, the shoes we got are very soft. And the soles are flexible and has a good grip. It also has velcro fastening, making it easy to remove and put on.

It is very important that we, as mums, should always think before buying stuff for our babies. I know it is easy to get carried away sometimes but hey! You don’t know how those little decisions affect our babies.

So for Skye, that pair would be her only pair until it’s too small. But don’t worry. She loved her shoes. I also love it because of the good grip. With socks kasi nadudulas ang bata eh mahilig ng tumayo sa legs at sa mesa. We’ll buy another pair next time after nyan. Just one pair again until she could walk. By then, she’ll have maybe 3 na! Hahahaha! Ang kuripot lang ni Nanay.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Here’s what Skye wore on her 6th month birthday.

P1060271Dress: Hand-me-down from Tita Issa | Baby Shoes: Enfant

She looks adorable, right?! So big already. :)

If you notice, all of Skye’s dresses are either hand-me-downs or gifts. I don’t really like buying her dresses this early. Why? Because I think it’s not practical. She’s a baby and she could get away with just her onesies. Onesies that she could also wear at home. Plus, most of the time, friends would really give her dresses. Mag aantay nalang ako ng gift. Nyahahahaha! Pero tama naman diba?!

Look, as much as I love my baby, I’d like to be practical and make her realize that she can’t always get what she wants. Plus, as much as possible I want my baby to be very comfy and all. So she only wear dresses on special occasions. Kung hindi nga lang ako nanghihinayang sa mga dresses na yan, she’d be in onesie all the time! Hahahaha! Presko pa.


Anyway, we had so much fun taking these pictures. And look at that kita-panty picture! Actually more like, kita cloth diaper! Hahahahaha!

Grabe lang! I can’t believe that She’s that big already. OMG! I’ll have a toddler soon. Ngayon palang ang dalaga na nya tingnan. *sob*

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I am such a prudent mum. This came as a surprise to me actually. Before being a mum myself, I always thought that I’ll be a super shoppingera mum. Imagine my horror when I learned that I’ll have a baby girl. Sa isip ko, patay ang finances ko!

But I realized that motherhood would really change you. I am now a proud prudent mum. The type of mummy who won’t buy every single thing available on the baby shop but would check and decide if such is really needed. I even find myself telling the sister off for wanting to buy every single baby dress on IG. I don’t want her to spend so much on baby clothes. I’d rather request for something Skye would really need.

Yep! This fashionista mummy doesn’t want to buy her only baby girl too much baby dresses. Why?!

(1) Because I received a lot of hand me downs from a friend. She gave me nice baby dresses. And I believe that there is nothing wrong with making my baby wear the same clothes over and over again. I can’t apply to her my “wear something once a month only” rule. Coz hello?! If I did that, she’ll end up wearing her clothes just once! Babies grow so fast! It’s crazy! Which lead up to…

(2) Because babies grow up too fast! I don’t want to spend on something that she could only wear when we are going out. That’ll mean she’ll end up wearing them minsan lang. Ayoko! Sayang pera.

(3) I’d rather spend on baby onesies. Yep! I’d rather buy baby onesies than dresses because they are much comfy. And I can make Skye wear her onesies at home as well. Mas magagamit ang damit. Her pambahay onesies are all bongga. Akala nga nila araw araw may lakad ang bagets.

So finding these Carter onesies at SM was heaven sent…


I got these on sale! Hence the hoarding. Nice prints right? And I’d just make her wear cute headbands and we’re off. Maganda na. She’s a baby anyway.

I love them because they are presko. The cloth is perfect for Philippine weather. And not too tight. I love also that it’s short sleeved making it perfect for malling. Actually, very particular talaga ako sa tela. they should be soft and presko and nice and made of cotton. These for me is a great buy. Sale pa! :)

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We celebrate Skye’s birthday monthly. It’s what I call, our monthly thing. Parang monthsary ang peg until she turns 1.

Of course, what’s a birthday without a cake right?!

On her first 3 months, we just ordered cake from the good ol’ bakeshop. But then I realized that I wanted a special cake for her every month. Something unique. Something that would show her little milestones. Besides, that’s the reason why we do it every month right?

And thank heavens her Ninang Joie is up for the task! Actually, I felt so stupid for not thinking about it earlier. We could have started it on her 1st month. It should have been nice.

For our first ever birthday cake, we had this..

bday cake

A rattle and teether themed banana cake with Reese’s peanut butter and fondant. Everything is edible.

On her 3rd month, I got Skye her teether ring from Mothercare which she loves so much. Hence the design of the cake. Her Ninang Joie also added that big flower which represents her huge flower headband from Ninang Erlie. It’s beautiful. And most of all, it’s very Skye. I love that it’s personalized making it extra especial.

And of course, the banana cake with Reese’s peanut butter is a-mazing! Super yummy. Not too sweet. Just enough. And that kick of peanut butter is just heaven. That’s also why I really love ordering sweets from My Sweets Haven. Everything is just yummy.


For her 5th month birthday cake, we decided to put microphone and musical notes all over. Skye learned how to sing that month you see. And up until now, she loves singing! Loved it too much actually that everytime she hears other singing, she’ll join in.

It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and fondant decors. Again, everything is edible. The chocolate cake is rich and soft. The chocolate icing is perfect coz it’s not too sweet or overpowering. Just enough to make you want some more.

IMG_0746-vert-horz IMG_0747

This month’s cake is my favorite of them all! It’s 1 layer banana cake, 1 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing and fondant. This month’s theme is “first solid food”. Coz this month is all about prepping the baby and the house for her first solid food. And Skye has been bugging us to let her have a spoonful of whatever it is that we are eating. Sobrang excited kumain ang bagets!

Believe it or not, everything on that picture is edible. That bowl is actually a cake! Galing! Akala ko pure fondant so imagine my utter amazement what I saw that it’s also a cake. And that “food inside the bowl”, is just yummy!!! I don’t know what it is actually but it’s yummy. (dear joie, what the heck is that btw?!)

Choco-banana is really a match made in heaven. Soooooobrang sarap. I told Joie nga na hindi ko akalain na may isasarap pa ang mga gawa nya. Sanay na kasi akong masarap sya mag bake. Pero this time, na out shine nya ang sarili nya. If that’s even possible! And the cake is cute!!!

I am not saying all of these because she’s my friend okay?! Actually nga, she didn’t know I’m blogging about it. Harhar! Hindi ko kasi kinaya ang latest cake namin. Sobrang sarap. And that, my dear readers, deserves a spot in my blog.

For inquiries, you may visit her Facebook page, just click here. And while you’re at it, please do give her Putoflan a try.


Nakaka-adik yan guys promise!!!

So there. It’s a nice idea right? Customizing your monthly bday cake for the little one. Every month is different. Each is special.

And btw, thank Mummy Chubby for sponsoring the ReigningPricess’ cake every month. You the best!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

"Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (August). For this month, we write about the World Breastfeeding Week 2014 - Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal for Life and share how breastfeeding can help the Philippines achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals developed by the government and the United Nations. Participants will share their thoughts, experiences, hopes and suggestions on the topic.  Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries."


I have been exclusively breastfeeding Skye for 6 months. I’ve reached my minimum target! Hooray!!

My breastfeeding journey was never a walk in the park. I can still remember the first week. Oh such painful nipples.  The seemingly endless issues of low milk output and making the people here at home understand how to properly feed the baby. It was tough. But all of it was worth it.

August is breastfeeding awareness month. And honestly, I find it so hard to believe that mums like me, need to promote and encourage fellow mums to choose breastfeeding. When in fact, it should be our first choice, right? Because our boobs are created to nourish a child. We are supposed to produce milk for our little one. And our baby deserves to be nourished in the most natural way.

Again, I am not against mums who formula feed their child. I am a formula-fed baby myself. And I would never tell you that Mila failed on being a mother to me because she didn’t. She was actually great! Ok fine, pwede na din! Char! :-D

Although I can’t help but wonder if she’ll still choose to formula-feed me if she was well informed.

I know she wasn’t. Because she’s the first one who questioned my ability to produce enough milk. Mila’s the one who questioned my decision to unli-latch the baby and hold her in my arms for almost 24/7 until she’s 2 months. Who told me that I am a bad mum for allowing my child to starve coz I follow the 1oz/hr rule when I’m away. Ayun nung na-overfeed nya at sumuka, nagsisi din sya.

But now, 6 months after. And after seeing how healthy my baby is - she was convinced! And was actually telling every mum she know that breastfeeding your child would be your best decision ever.

I am empowered by the thought that my mother now trust me. She accepts the fact that even after 4 child, she’s still not that informed. And I, on the other hand, thank that I had my child in this generation where information is at our fingertips. Now, I share to her whatever it is that I learn from reading up. And we both use that information to nourish our respective child. Me, with Skye. Mila, with Boi. For those of you who don’t know Boi, he’s my 9 year old brother with cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. He’s our forever baby. :) And yep! I call my mother Mila, her nickname. Yun ay pag hindi sya galit. Syempre pag mainit ang ulo Mama dapat kundi palo ako. Hihihihi…

I live in a compound. Most of them are not well off. Before becoming a mum, I didn’t really notice that almost all of them formula feed their child. E nakakaloka naman kasi dito, every year may baby.

When I got pregnant, I read up everything about parenting and that’s when I decided to exclusively breastfeed the baby. I learned that it reduces the risk of asthma and diabetes – both run in the family. I learned the dangers of formula feeding. I made an informed choice and I am glad. Bonus na lang ang katotohanang, nakakatipid ako ng napakalaki dahil hindi ako gumagastos para sa gatas.

So I don’t understand why most mums here at our place, our barangay, opted to formula feed their baby when they barely have enough to feed themselves and the rest of the family. Ang kakarampot na kinikita ay napupunta sa gatas ng bata. And worst, some would even offer Bear Brand or Alaska to their 2 month old babies. Formula milk brands that are not even designed for infants. Dahil yun ang mura. Dahil dun hindi nagtatae ang bata. It breaks my heart to see babies that are not gaining enough or not hitting milestones. Babies na halos buwan ang tinatagal ng ubo at sipon. And all of them are telling me that the reason why they stopped breastfeeding is because – “wala kasi akong gatas” or “mahina kasi ang gatas ko”. That, my friend, is a very big proof that they are not well informed.

Imagine if all of them breastfeed their child. Well, most of them are stay at home mums anyway. They could have saved a lot of money. Nalalaan sana sa ibang bagay ang pera, gaya ng edukasyon ng mas nakakatatandang anak o pagkain para sa pamilya. At higit sa lahat, mas healthy sana ang mga anak nila. I only know 1 cousin who breastfeed her baby. At yung anak nya lang ang tinatawag kong chubby-log. Kahit “tirik king” ang bata, kasi tumitirik ang mata pag nilalagnat, siksik padin ang katawan. And the baby was able to recover fast. I guess the reason why he’s tirik king is because both parents are smokers. But still, I believe that the breast milk saved the baby over and over again.

But hey! I am very proud. Bakit kamo?! Lahat ng nanganak after ko, are now breastfeeding their child. Probably because they saw me. They realized that it can be done. Narinig ko once si Mila talking to a pregnant neighbor and telling her “Kita mo yan si Nene, may pambili ng gatas pero nagpapadede. May trabaho pero nagpapadede, nagpa-pump ng gatas para sa anak nya. Ang laki ng natitipid nya. At healthy pa ang apo ko.”. And then one time she was telling another mum who just gave birth “Hindi mahina gatas mo. Ganyan si Nene noon. Akala ko din mahina gatas, sabi nya ganun daw talaga pag bagong panganak ang bata. Ikaw nga ba naman nasa loob ng tyan ng 9months, malamang paglabas mo din iiyak ka ng iiyak at magpapa-akap ka kasi bago na ang paligid. Matatapos din yan. Pag pinadede mo yan ng powder makakatulog lang daw yan dahil mabigat yun sa tyan. Magtiis ka! Ginusto mo yan diba?! Kita mo apo ko healthy na bibo pa.” Hahahaha! Sya na ang well informed. Pwede ng lactation consultant ang lola mo. :-D

Pero it’s true! You could actually see the difference between my baby and the other babies here. Probably also because most mums here can’t afford those expensive milk. Sabi nga sa inyo diba? Yung iba Bear Brand or Alaska powder lang talo-talo na. If only they breastfeed their babies, sana mas healthy ang naibibigay na gatas sa anak. Sana hindi sakitin. Sana hindi gumagastos ng malaki para sa gatas at gamot.

So now, as a mother, I am determined to promote breastfeeding. One mother at a time. One baby at a time. One family at a time. And eventually, madami sana akong mahikayat. Madami sana akong matulungan. Madami sana akong maturuan. Madami sana akong batang ma-save. Madami sana akong pamilyang matulungan maka-ahon sa kahirapan dahil mas marami sanang pamilya na pipiliing magpasuso at ilaan sa ibang gastusin ang pera nila.

Sana wala na kong marinig na “Mahirap kasi kami. Wala kaming pambili ng gatas.”. Coz hello?! You don’t need to buy milk. You produce milk. Ang gagawin mo lang, papadedehin mo sayo ang anak mo. At bilang ina, masasabi mo pa sa sarili mo na kahit papaano nakakatulong ka sa gastusin sa bahay dahil ikaw ang “pagkain” ni bunso.

Every time nakikita ko ang presyo ng formula milk sa grocery - I can’t help but smile. Every night pag umiiyak ang bata at hindi ko kailangang bumangon para magtimpla ng gatas - I can’t help but smile. Every time I pack our diaper bag and realize how light it is - I can’t help but smile. Every time I see my baby so healthy, so strong, so bibo – I can’t help but smile. Every time I talk to neighbors and encourage them to breastfeed and would show them my baby as proof of my claim – I can’t help but smile. Every time the baby cries and I’d pop the boob to pacify her – I can’t help but smile.

I’ve made the right decision. I’ve decided to breastfeed my child. I’ve made an informed decision. I gave my daughter the best food for her. I am one proud mama here. I am one proud breastfeeding Pinay.


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