Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I’d be listing the usual, everyday thing that people usually do to other kids/babies that they think is okay but is actually NOT. And every time I tell people off for doing such to my kid, ako pa nagmumukhang maldita/suplada/atribida/feelingera/mapangmata. Eh hello?! Anak ko yan eh! Do you expect me to think of your feelings first before my child’s welfare? Hello!

Anyway, here they are…

10. Do not touch my baby! As in don’t. Especially if I don’t know you. A complete stranger is not supposed to touch any part of my kid. Mapangmata na kung mapangmata, but I don’t know you. Pano kung may kachichas ka? Mahahawa pa ang anak ko. And don’t ever tell me ang arte ko, because if that kid got bacteria from you, ako naman ang gagastos at mag aalaga. Not you.

do not touch

9. Do not give my baby anything without asking my permission first! Yes. Please don’t. You’re not really sure if that baby has allergies or if the baby is allowed to eat/touch that. Some families have rules with regard to food or stuff. Plus, I am not sure if you are a kidnapper or a serial killer who wants to kill my baby. Praning na kung praning, but when it comes to my child, I want to be a hundred percent sure. If you want to give the baby anything, have some respect to the parents/guardian by asking their permission first. Hindi naman mahirap yun eh. And if they say no, don’t think of it negatively. Each parents have their own parenting style. It may sound absurd to you but if it works for the baby, then by all means they have the right to do that.


8. Do not allow your kid to touch my baby! This is a major headache for me. Some kids/toddlers, would touch Skye. Andun ang parents, hindi manlang sawayin! Yung iba, madumi ang hands and then would touch my baby’s hands or face. Eh hello! Sanggol yung akin. Others naman would kiss my baby on the face. Ako sinasaway ko ang bata. In a nice way of course. Like, “no baby don’t touch her coz she’s too small pa” or “no baby do not kiss her on the face, feet only”. Mga ganyan. But since andun naman ang parents/guardian, sana naman kayo na sumaway sa anak nyo! Coz I don’t wan’t to end up doing the next item.

7. Do not scold my kid, if she did something, tell me! I have my own way of disciplining the kid. Respect the parent by allowing her to discipline their kid. I hate it when people would shout at a kid just because may ginawang mali. I always see that here eh. Naiinis ako. If they anything, sawayin in a nice way then tell the parents.


6. Do not bully my child! Some people says/does things to kids without even realizing that it’s borderline bullying already. Like panunukso. Even if it’s just a joke, please no.

5. Do not shout when my kid is near! Especially if she’s sleeping. Some people are really either plain stupid or just inconsiderate. I mean, there’s a sleeping baby in a stroller. So why not keep your voice a little down? Okay lang yung minsan and hindi sinasadya. But those plain inconsiderate ones or simply taklesa, nakakaloka.

4. Do not pinch the baby! Okay. I know my little princes is a little of ball of cuteness but keep your gigil to yourself please! My baby would get hurt. And I never hurt my child so you have no right to hurt her. Kahit pa kurot-gigil lang yan. Pinch your own cheeks! Not my kid’s.


3. Do not kiss my baby on the face! I don’t care if we are friends or relatives. Do not kiss my baby on the face. Herpes is just one type of disease that can be passed by kissing. Flu, cough, colds, rashes – to name a few more. So please! It’s unhygienic. It’s not safe. And I am not happy.


2. Do not ever put laway on my baby as anti-usog! This is one pet-peeve. I mean, eeeeww!! Keep your laway to yourself. Come on! How kadiri is that? We have our own means to treat usog thank you very much. Your laway is not welcome to any part of my kid’s body. Kaloka!

1. Do not smoke near my child! This is a major no-no! I don’t care who you are, if you smoke near my child I’d tell you off. Second degree smoke is not allowed. Halos lahat ng sakit ng mga bata dahil sa sigarilyo – asthma, pneumonia, rashes, ear infection. Everything! You can google. You can ask your pedia. So to our dear smokers out there, please naman! If you want to burn your lungs, yung sayo na lang. Wag mo ng idamay ang anak ko.

smoking There you go. I hope people would read this and realize that I am not just maarte. I am just protecting my child. So please don’t get offended if you did one of those and I’d tell you off. Some mums kasi would prefer na tumahimik dahil nahihiya or nag aalala na baka ma-offend ang iba. Baka sabihan silang maarte what. But not me. Lagi akong nagpapagalit ng mga naninigarilyo na malapit sa anak ko. I would smile say no to friends ho would attempt na lawayan ang anak ko. Sasabihin ko kasi paano nila malalaman na hindi sya okay sayo? Some mums would opt to keep quiet. But not me. Though I hope people would be able to read this post and they’d realize that there are mums out there who are not okay with things you do to a baby.

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Last Saturday, we went to The Medical City (SM City Manila) for my 6th month OB-Gyn visit and papsmear. I lugged my Tita (who also Skye’s carer) and our babies – Skye and Sappy. I also took that opportunity to have my other “medical concerns” checked, like this crappy shoulder and back pains I’ve been having for the past 6 months and my nasty wrist pain. Ganun ata talaga pag Nanay na. I always take myself for granted.

Anyway, after seeing a rehab doctor, I was told that every issue I have is “normal” for new mums like me. But still, I am under therapy to address the muscle and joint pains I have. So mums, it is important to take care of yourself as well. I know it’s so difficult. Ako kasi, even if I am suffering from that back pain, pag ginusto ni Skye ng hele, hele! Tiis tiis na lang pag may time. And pinagpapabukas ko yung mga check ups ko. Wag ganun! You should always take care of yourself so you could take care of the baby properly. Like right now, I have extra energy after my first therapy session. I felt better already. Sana nga maging super okay na. Ilang buwan ko na tong tinitiis eh.

And so my OB-Gyn sched was around 11am, but the rehab doctor arrived at around 6PM. Tagal! The doctor’s sched is actually 4PM pero lagi daw yun late. Bakit kaya ganun ang mga doctors no? Always late. They’d give you sched but would make you wait for hours! Public and private, walang pinagkaiba.

Anyway, to kill time we had lunch at Shakey’s…


It was a payday, 3-day sale weekend so the mall was packed to the brim! We’re glad to find an available seat at Shakey’s. Our little boy Sappy is a major ball of energy. Ka-kulet!! But Skye enjoyed his presence so much. They we’re playing the entire time and the little girl was laughing like crazy. Btw, just in case you’re wondering, the baby is actually lying beside me. Everytime we dine out and we don’t have the stroller with us, we always look for couch seats para the baby can sleep while we eat.

As mentioned, it was a 3-day sale weekend and we have a couple of hours to kill as we wait for my next doctor’s appointment…kaya eto ang damage!


Shopping for the baby!! We got new headbands and socks – both are on sale for Php 100.00 per pack. That cute top is on 50% off. We also got the busha pants for 20% off. I told you that I am a WAIS mum. So I always get Skye’s clothes on sale only. I never bought her clothes that are not on sale. So I really took this opportunity to buy her clothes. Anyway, it’s time for a wardrobe change coz she’s already too big on most of her clothes. (The one’s out atleast, coz I have a stash of too big clothes here. It’s a bag full of gifts and hand me downs.)

P1060509 P1060513

We also got these 2 on 50% off. Ang saya saya! Mila is very excited. She had the clothes washed right away. Susuot na daw ni baby agad agad. Excited lang?! Sabagay, we got the ones that fit her just right. We never buy too big clothes on the baby. Panget kasi. :-S So usually, we make her wear the clothes na agad. Hehehehe!

And if you noticed, we finally gave in and got ourselves a baby carrier! Hahahaha! My wake up call was when the ReigningTatay asked me to carry the baby because his arms are already aching. Hindi na makatagal si Tatay sa pagbubuhat sa bagets! So ayun! We got a baby carrier right away, thank heavens that the ReigningPrincess finally found the carrier that she liked. More about baby wearing on a different post though.

So there! Our weekend was fun. Our pockets lighter but our hearts are definitely fuller. And the ReigningPrincess enjoyed much.

I am keeping our malling to every other week now. Not na every week. So this weekend, we’ll just stay at home and play the entire day. Kasi nasa linggo de peligro na ang atm ni Nanay.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yay! Finally, a beauty blog post. Harhar!

And so one weekend, I went to the mall with the girls to look for a nice eye liner. My CoverGirl eyeliner retired and I am left with a cheap one that gave me panda eyes by noon. Sa sobrang cheap, it won't even stay on my lids. Kumakalat ng wagas. Nakakaloka!

So, I've been hearing nice things about Happy Skin (my bestfriend being one major fan) and a fashionista friend even suggested it, but I haven't had the chance to try it until that afternoon bonding with the girls.P1060006

Eye Am Here To Stay is available on Beauty Bar and retails at Php 499.00 only.

I was able to check out their tester and used it, it was love at first...uhm, use. Hihihi.. It doesn't smudge. It's so easy to apply and comes with a small sharpener attached on it’s other end. It's a gel liner so it really lasts the entire day. I must know, I tried it on the companion’s lids that afternoon and the next day, he was complaining to me already. He was not able to properly remove it from his lids. Harhar! We had to use our trusted make up remover.


Here’s a description of the product on the packaging. So yeah, we used an oil-based make up remover and true to their words, removing it was a breeze. No need to scrub the lids. Hindi naman naubos ang pilikmata ni ReigningTatay after.

Anyway, lakas talaga makaganda ng eye liners no? That's why I really exerted an effort to learn it. Dati marunong lang ako maglagay sa iba. Harhar! So pinag aralan ko maglagay sa sarili ko. Ang cute lang.

Go ahead! Give it a try girls. So worth it. I'll be checking out the other Happy Skin products soon. They are cheap actually, considering the quality. And they give super catchy names to their products. Plus the cute packaging. This one is indeed a brand well-thought of. :)

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another nice onesie find. When I saw that Mothercare onesies are on sale, I can’t help but hoard. I actually got a couple more but these are the only ones I have on file na na-picture-an ko.


Sorry super poor photos. But promise! They are gorgeous. :) Hehehehehe..

What I loved about these onesies is the tela. Very soft and presko. Lakas maka-sosyal! I got that on 50% off ata. Pwede na diba?! Wais mummy here!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Look at the cutie patootie. #FabSkye

Another post about our little fashionista’s sartorial adventure. Hihihihi!


She wore this one weekend at the mall as we did our grocery shopping and baby booster shopping.

IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709

She looks so cute in yellow, agree?!

For the longest time I’ve been looking for nice baby girl clothes in colors other than pink. But it’s getting more and more difficult. So Skye’s wardrobe is still almost overflowing with pink!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE pink. But my being fashionista is kicking in hence the need to play with colors and textures and styles.

Thank heavens I got this yellow romper as hand me down from Tita Issa again. Hahahahaha! Siguro you’ve been telling yourself,

“who’s this Tita Issa, I wanna be friends with her!”.

I know right?! She gave me a paperbag full of baby girl’s clothes! And everything in it is gorgeous. She’s also a fashionista mummy herself kaya when she told me that' she’ll give me her daughter’s “old” clothes if it’s okay with me, kara-karaka nag YES ako!

IMG_0719 Yellow Romper: Hand Me Down from Tita Issa | Yellow Bonnet: Marcela | Infant Shoes: Enfant

The romper is gorgeous. The texture is just perfect for the bonnet Mummy Chubby got for Skye. And see the cute collars and small pockets?! Very baby’ish. I love it! It’s good though that the bonnet and the romper both had pink details on them, so Skye’s only pair of shoes matched the entire look. One of my fave look of Skye to date actually.

So yeah, it’s a Friday. So I’m sending my love to all of you and I wish you a lovely weekend. Allow me to end this post with the Tatay-Skye set of photos. Parang pinagbiyak na arenola ang mag-ama! Nakakaloka!

IMG_0712 IMG_0713 IMG_0714

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Sino ba mas wacky?! Si Mummy Chubby ba o si Baby Lala?!


And here’s another one. Harhar! Tulo laway, haba nguso. such a picture perfect moment!

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