Review: CuTs 4 ToTs Hair Salon

Gab is a handful. Unlike Skye who’s more easy to handle, this little boy is really giving me a run for my money. He doesn’t like many things. And he’s always throwing tantrums. So I really make sure that his experience with hair cuts is always good. I don’t want him not liking the experience because for sure, I’d end up braiding his hair until he’s big enough to realize he doesn’t like having long hair.

So for the longest time, we’ve been going to CuTs 4 ToTs for the #GabMazing’s hair cutting needs. And so far, all visit has been exemplary good. The #GabMazing never had an issue with them.

They always made sure that the child is on a good mood before, during and after the session. The staff would go out of their way to entertain the child - giving them toys, making them watch cartoons, singing with them, counting with them. The works! I am amazed at how well they handle kids.

When the #GabMazing would start showing signs of discomfort or boredom they would stop and make him feel at ease again. They never rush things. Making sure that the well-being of the child is their top-priority.

The salon is also clean and they make sure to sanitize the area after every session. So I am not  worried about Gab touching the toys they provide.

The tools used is really kid-friendly. I noticed that the razor they are using doesn’t have that loud noise when used.

And of course the result is ah-mey-ziing! Just show them your peg and they’d deliver. They gave Gab a one-side undercut last time and my son is soooo pogi!!! The barber is really experienced and made sure that the kids would go out of the salon looking dapper. I’m just so glad our experience is just wonderful!

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