Review: ZAGG Pro Keys Detachable Keyboard and Case for iPad

I was initially using the ESR Slim Flip Cover Case for my iPad Air 5th generation. I figured I needed the slim case for portability and aesthetics. It was good actually and I love it until my iPad suffered an accidental fall. It fell from my bedside table and got a mini bump and a few scratches. Ouch! That’s when I knew I had to check my priorities. Aesthetics vs security vs portability vs ease of use? Or I probably need them all!

It took me months and months of searching and reviewing until I found The One.

ZAGG Pro Keys Detachable Keyboard and Case ticked all of the items on my list for what I need and want for an iPad case.

1. It’s a 2-in-1 case. Being detachable, I can use it without the keyboard/flip cover if I need it to be just a plain tablet. Or attach it to the keyboard/flip cover when I need to protect my iPad’s screen. My old ESR flip cover case is magnetic as well so I can easily remove my iPad if the cover bothers me but that means holding my iPad bare which I don’t like. With this one, my iPad is still protected even without the flip cover because it comes with a case.

2. It’s has a built in keyboard. This one I’ve been going back and forth really. I have my Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard which I absolutely love. But portability-wise, it just doesn’t cut it. It’s inconvenient to bring it when going out more-so when traveling. I usually just lug around my iPad when I need to get out of the house but still “work” or attend calls since it’s easier compared to bringing my laptop with me. I find it inconvenient to also bring my external keyboard all the time even if it is teeny tiny. Though I would always always find myself wishing I have a keyboard when I’m using my iPad for work or when outside killing time. I could’ve just used that time to blog or vlog instead of watching stuff from Netflix.

3. It has a dedicated Apple Pencil slot. Since I’m not using any apple pencil protection, I noticed that my pencil and iPad has started to show some scratches and dark marks. I hate it! But I can’t use an apple pencil protector because it makes the pencil fat and I find it uncomfortable to write. But this case has a dedicated slot for the pencil without affecting the magnet. The pencil still connects 100% to the iPad even with that protection. I love it sooo much.

5. The backlit keyboards. I am used to working at night, so this feature made a huge difference.

6. The price. Okay. Let me set this straight, it’s not cheap. It’s around 100USD so it’s not cheap at all. But if you compare it with the other available brands with the same features as I listed above, this is actually way way cheaper. The Apple Magic Keyboard would have been the straight choice but it’s super pricey. Plus I don’t like the fact that my iPad still felt naked. Logitech is also another popular brand but they waaaay more expensive than this one. I really think ZAGG is the sweet spot.

I am actually writing this blog post using this keyboard case and so far, I am loving the experience. I’ll update this post if I ever found something worth mentioning. But so far, I LOVE IT!


  1. omg, no.3 is real talk, i’m also getting annoyed with the dark marks both in my iPad and pencil. Tried to put a case but I was even more annoyed because it’s too bulky and charging sometimes gets disconnected. Glad I have seen this post. ❤️

    1. Yay!!! Thank you for dropping by. I really love this keyboard case soooo much! Glad I got it.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us. This was really very helpful.


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