Back To Blogging?

I miss blogging.

PPD has really taken it's toll on me that I cannot even blog.

Which is weird because for the longest time, blogging has been my outlet. I mean, if I'm busy, tired, hurt, overwhelmed.. I always resort to blogging and writing my heart out to make me feel better. But lately, even writing could not heal my soul.

I am just more than tired. Taking care of 2 little kids. My work that is extra extra demanding lately. And having our own home and taking care of the house is just too much. But I guess, more than everything, it's really the PPD who got me knock out. Wala. Talo tayo sa anxiety at PPD. Mahirap pag brains mo na ang kalaban mo.

But lately, I know I'm getting better. The anxiety attacks lessen. I am more sane. I am happier as well.

So I hope these would lead to... going back to blogging by next year!

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