Living a Cheesy Life with California Cheese

How are your quarantine life mumshies? Maygahd! Sabi ko last year, 2019 gave me a crazy ride. Aba! 2020 came and said "hold my beer"! Hehehe..

But seriously, I know that these days there are a lot of uncertainties, fear and anxiety. I have been having anxiety attacks more and more often these past few months of ECQ. And while I acknowledge na hindi talaga maiiwasan ito, I promise myself that I will try to look at the bright side.

And speaking of which, one of the bright side of this ECQ is the fact na ang takaw takaw ng #FabSkye ngayon. Wait, did I say bright side? Nyahaha! Kidding!

I am happy that she eats a lot and ang ganda ng katawan nya lately (pwera usog!). But on the other hand, naloloka na ko kasi nga akala nya picnic time kami forevs! Di tumitigil ang bibig sa kaka-nguya. Kung may abs lang sa jaw, feeling ko naka 6 pack na to.

And while it is a lot easier to just give her junk food or processed food pag nanghingi na naman ng food for the Nth time, we all know that we have to take care of our health now more than ever.

So I'm trying really hard to give her healthy snacks as much as possible. And one of my mum hack are cheesy snacks! It's usually easy, yummy and healthy. Win-win!

Our current favorite cheese brand is California Cheese.

I swear! They are really, really yummy. Made from Real California Milk so you could really taste the difference. It's extra creamy, extra cheesy, extra yummy.

The #FabSkye and #GabMazing love them so much. Especially when I make my simple Pizza Pandesal recipe.

This simple snack is inspired by Heart Evangelista's French bread pizza which she prepared on her vlog. Eh dahil simpleng mamamayan lang tayo, pandesal lang tayo!

Anyway, this is soooo easy! All you need is pandesal, pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce if you don't have pizza sauce), and lotsa California Cheese.

Optional ingredients are butter (if you want that buttery taste on your pizza), ham or thinly sliced hotdogs or bacon or spam or pepperoni (any pizza toppings that you like).

It's so easy to make: just slice the pandesal, spread some pizza sauce, put some ham and add lotsa grated cheese. Pop it in the over for 5 minutes or depends if you want toasted pizza or not. And then that's it! I've tried a version with hotdogs, mushrooms and bell pepper. Benta padin sa kids!

Ang saya that it also serves as our bonding time and that the snack is perfect for them. I prepared an all-cheese version for the #GabMazing because no processed food sya until 2 years old. And sarap na sarap naman si loko.

Here's why I think our pizza pandesal is a perfect merienda.

Ayan ah! That's from a really reliable source. And while we know naman that cheese are really healthy, nakakatuwa padin malaman how healthy it is diba?

But not all cheese are created equal ah. Like for example, California Cheese. It's made with Real California Milk so it's really a hundred times better than other cheese. How would you know that it's made from real California milk? Just look for the seal!

I'm glad that we have brands like California Cheese that makes it easier for us to mother our children. Sabi ko nga sa isang FB post ko, ang hirap maging Nanay sa panahon ngayon. Atleast, my kid's merienda is one less thing to worry!

Here are some more dish that I've made using California Cheese...

Baked Mac Made with Macaroni Pasta, Fresh Milk, Butter and Lotsa Cheese

Korean Instant Ramyeon with lots of California Cheese

Real California Cheese are available at S&R, Rustans Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Landers Superstore, Unimart Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, Cash and Carry, and most of your favorite grocery stores nationwide.

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