Happy Christmas from My Squad!

I only have a handful of friends. But these 3 are my best, best friends. We've been through a lot. Have seen each other grow and mature. Have been part of each other's milestones in life. And through the years, our friendship only grows. Na-extend pa nga because the little ones are now best friends. Can't wait to raise more kids who'll be bffs as well.

One of us is now working abroad so this get together is extra special. Pero sabagay, kahit naman nasa Pinas kaming lahat, minsan lang kami magkita. Harhar! But our communication is always open. And the friendship is definitely always there. But iba padin yung same timezone kami eh. Minsan mahirap ang chimisan.

And because this year is extra special for all of us (coz we are complete!), we made sure that we feel really special! So for this year, we thought that making new Christmas traditions with Danes Cheeseball is the way to go!

To make it look extra festive, we tried to create a cheese platter using Danes Cheeseball, Danes Classic Cheese, some fruits, crackers, nuts, and chips! We also shared a bottle of non-alcoholic wine para mas feel namin ang sa-shal! Ang saya lang because the kids was able to join the fun. 

Naki-wine-and-cheese chenes ang mga loka! Ang tatakaw nga lang nung dalawa, ginawang chichirya yung cheese platter!

I think I liked this idea and will definitely make a cheese platter for Noche Buena too! Ang sarap yung namamapak ka ng creamy cheeseball and nuts while chickahan galore with family and friends. Lakas maka-alta!

Good thing that there's an on going promo now - for every single purchase of Danes Cheese Ball (500g or 750g), you'd get free Danes Classic Cheese (180g). Super sulit!! Nuts and fruits nalang plus some crackers, pak na pak na ang Noche Buena. Pang IG stories na ang hapag. Pwede ng mag-feed goals!

It is indeed a happy #holiDANES with Danes Cheese Ball diba?!

Last year, I shared how you can make your Christmas cheesy special with Danes Cheese Ball. Kaya we made sure that we hoard danes cheese ball again this year. Promise! Masarap sya lalo na sa spaghetti. Even my bffs na super pihikan sa food, nasarapan sa Danes.

Again, Happy Happy Christmas from My Squad!!!

Sulitin ang panahon na ito at make sure you spend your time with people who truly matters!


  1. 'Yung anak ko talaga, hindi mapag-iiwanan sa keso e! Hahahaha! :p

    1. Di nga lang keso ang nilantakan eh. Parang tayo lang pala sila. Maya't maya ang chicha. Hahaha!


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