Make Your Christmas Cheesy Special with Danes Cheese Ball

It's almost Christmas mga mumshies! How's your Christmas shopping? Are you done with your Noche Buena menu? Have you finalized your grocery lists? Kasya pa ba kayo sa mga pants nyo? Nyahaha!

Alright, I won't pretend to be a Kitchen Goddess because you all know I'm not! The kitchen belongs to my husband. But if there's one thing about food that I'm very sure of, put lots of cheese on any dish and it'll instantly become a major hit. Totoo yan ah! Yan ang secret ko if I want my family to love my cooking. Cheese lang talaga mga besh!

And if there's one cheese this holiday that I'll surely use, it's Danes Cheese Ball!

Have you tried it? Ay susmio! Probably the best cheese ball ever! No kyeme. Every year, we would always have cheese balls for Noche Buena kasi diba it's part of the Holiday tradition? But this year I've discovered Danes and I'm very sure we'll be sticking to Danes na.

Even my office mates loved it. I brought one during our year end slumber party and paired it with wine, and oh my gosh! Napadami ako ng wine kasi ang sarap mamapak ng Danes Cheese Ball habang nagwa-wine dahil super creamy, delicious and cheesy. Very #TitasOfManila.

So ayun, nawala na ko sa main goal ng post na to. As usual! Teehee!

This post is actually to help you mumsh on your Noche Buena menu, pasok na din to sa Media Noche. Just in case you haven't finalized yours yet! And of course, all of these dishes are best served with Danes Cheese Ball!

1. SPAGHETTI. This is a family tradition for us. Mila's spaghetti is THE BEST! And only served during Christmas or New Year. Hahaha! Her spaghetti is extra special because it's very cheesy. As in the sauce itself is already mixed with cheese tapos we would sprinkle more cheese on top! Sarap!

2. CALDERETA. My friend Ralph's mum cooks the best caldereta ever. And yes, you guessed it right! Because it's very cheesy as well. I have a tip for you to make your caldereta extra special - put a generous amount of grated Danes cheese ball on top of your caldereta, put it in the oven until the cheese melts and voila! Ewan ko nalang kung di kayo balik balikan ng mga kapit bahay nyo dyan!

3. KAKANIN. Perfect even for Media Noche since they say you have to serve something sticky and sweet to welcome the new year! May it be puto bumbong, bibingka or sapin sapin - a generous amount of cheese on top would surely make it extra special.

4. FRUIT SALAD. Another staple dish and it won't be complete without cheese! Use Danes cheese ball to make your fruit salad extra creamy and yummy!

5. CHEESE STICKS. Another family favorite. Put sliced cheese ball on your lumpia wrapper and deep fry! Perfect pulutan also for your after Noche Buena party.

6. WINE & CHEESE. Serve sliced Danes cheese ball with your chilled wine and it'll defnitely make your Noche Buena extra festive! Trust me! Sa sarap neto, as mentioned above, napadami ako ng inom ng wine at champagne nung slumber party namin ng team. And my team mates are all asking kung ano ang brand ng cheese ball because ang sarap nga. Make a cream cheese dip if you want it extra special. Just mix cream cheese, pineapple chunks and grated cheese and voila! Sosyal na Noche Buena with the #TitasOfManila.

Okay na ba ang Noche Buena menu ko? What did I miss?

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