A Little Change

For quite some time now, I've been struggling with a lot of stuff about this blog. You all know that this blog has blessed me with a lot of opportunities already. And as my readership grows (Naks! Readership! Nadagdagan kasi ng 2 yung 10 readers ko.), I think I really owe it to you guys to give you a nice, proper blog and not this halo halong kalamay of a blog that I have.

Also, managing the almost 2000 posts are no joke.

So, I've decided to keep this blog and purge all the old posts that doesn't relate to parenting and travel.

I wish to make this blog as a place for millennial mums like me. I realized that the way I parent my child is no longer the conventional way. And most of other millennial mums are like that as well. If our parents rely to their parents and the elders for tips and stuff, us millennial mums do our research. We have facebook groups, we check out the internet, read the latest studies, confirm everything with our pedia and other experts, we read blogs, we talk with other mums, we share ideas and give out ideas. That's soooo me! And this blog is my way of sharing how this millennial mumma breeze through motherhood.

And as a millennial mum, my life doesn't just revolve with being a mother. Sabi nga ni Heart, she's so excited on being a mum because feeling nya she has lots of experiences that she wants to share with her child and that she's so excited to dream with her child kasi for sure, her dreams won't stop the moment she became a mum.

Ganyan na tayo ngayon diba?

While I love being a mum and this is definitely my favorite role in life, I am more than a mother. And so I still want to keep the old me and blog about some random stuff I see online. I still want to write and write and not worry. And so I created a separate blog for that. That is also where I moved all my old posts. That other blog is gonna be my new halo halong kalamay.

This blog would focus more on parenting, about my daughter's milestones and her OOTDs. This is where we would share about our travels. Blogging tips are all here as well. This is my working mum blog and I hope mas gusto nyo to kasi di na kayo manghuhula sa kung ano ang next post ko.

So yeah! Just giving you some updates about the changes here. So yung mga movie reviews natin andun na sa kabilang blog ah! I'm still working on that blog and fixing the posts and everything before it'll go live. Don't worry I'll share it with all of you kasi I'm pretty sure you still wanna hear my other crazies. :) 


  1. But I enjoy reading your movie reviews! Hehe. So I guess magvisit din ako sa other blog mo na yan. :)

    1. Aw! Thank you sis! Yes movie reviews, food reviews and book reviews not related to parenting will be on the other blog. It will go live soon siguro after I finish fixing this blog. Nililinis ko eh. Masyadong magulo.


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