Clean, Fresh Air with Lampe Berger

When I got an invite last month for the launch of Lampe Berger Paris, I got really excited.

First, they are pretty! Look at those gorgeous lamps. They would look so pretty on the house.

Second, they promised to freshen up the room. Who wouldn't want fresh smelling rooms diba? I went there thinking I'd learn more about fragrances and the likes but it turned out, Lampe Berger is more than that!

When I get to learn more about the product, I realize that they are more than pretty and fragrant. That they actually make the air clean. Yep! Clean!

And you know me, anything that promises to make the air cleaner is more than welcome.

I was actually a little bit skeptical at first with Lampe Berger coz the asthmatic me is afraid that the fragrance would trigger my allergic rhinitis. But it turns out, it is exactly what our family needed.

Lampe Berger Paris, a French brand that started as early as 1898, is the first product ever invented to purify the air. They are one of the few technologies that offers real improvements in the quality of indoor air.

I love that it's so easy to use. Just light it up for 20 minutes and the fragrance lasts for up to 4 hours. There's also another variant called the Parfum Berger that uses black reeds instead of the usual burner.

During the launch, we were taught how to effectively use it and why every home needs a Lampe Berger.

During the launch, we were given a lamp each to take home so we could try and try I did!

After a family outing, I catch a nasty virus. That's also why I was MIA for a few weeks. Really nasty that gave me terrible cough,sore throat and fever. And since I share the room with the #FabSkye, I was so worried that she'd catch it as well. The #FabSkye actually catch a cold but it was gone after a few days and mine was definitely nastier.

So I thought that it's the best time to use Lampe Berger. I mean, it was first made for clean the air in hospitals in the 1800s so why not try it right?

And well, I'm so happy to report that it did helped a lot. The #FabSkye didn't get my virus at all. I'm feeling a lot better now and Lampe Berger definitely helped me make sure that my daughter is safe from my virus.

If you want to get your own Lampe Berger or Parfum Berger, you may visit the Lampe Berger website at and get yourself your own lamp. 

And because I really love you my dear #ReigningReaders, I'm giving you 200Php off on Lampe Berger products for a minimum purchase of 1000Php. Just use my promo code CELERHINA.

I'm very sure maloloka din kayo sa pagpili ng mga lamps. All of them are so pretty.

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