Why Every Home Needs an IP Camera

Visorplus Owl IP Camera

When I became a mum, I must admit that I became really OA with almost everything. But I am OA sa OA with my child's safety.

Kasi I believe that when it comes to our kids, prevention is always the best. I mean I always say it - di mo na maibabalik pag may di magandang nangyari sa mga anak natin (knock on wood) diba? I mean, yes pwede natin sila dikdikin ng pinung pino at gawing vetsin but that won't change the fact that our child got hurt or whatever.

Visorplus Owl IP Camera

So I honestly believe that an IP camera is a must in every home. And I have one installed in our room for years now. I would use it to check on my child and see if they are doing something that's I don't feel right. That way, I could immediately alert my mum or any adult kapitbahay.

Visorplus Owl IP Camera

Usually, I'd just find the #FabSkye not sleeping on time or still watching Netflix even if it's nap time. Or won't pack away her toys even if I heard her Ate told her to. It also allows me to "mother" my child even if I'm away.

Visorplus Owl IP Camera

Ours is actually a cheap one (around 1K only) and I got it for free as it was sent out to me years ago.

What I love about this is that I could link it to my phone and I could see the people at home real-time.

I don't think they still sell this unit (brand) but there are other brands similar to this one. I believe an IP camera is the best because you can check it real-time just using your phone.

Visorplus Owl IP Camera

This is something I use to help me with parenting my child.

How about you mums? Any other tips with making sure our children are secured?

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