Crochet Hair, Don't Care

Last week, I uploaded a selfie showcasing my crochet hair. You see, our Ate Yssa put my hair in a braid the previous night after I wash my hair. So the following morning, I'm sporting this...

Divatress-Braids (1)

Yep! A crochet hair! And I got loads of compliments as well. People at the office, at social media, here at home, even Mila says I look good on it.

Divatress-Braids (2)

Mila even said that I should consider getting a permanent perm. But you see, I've always had my hair rebonded. Never had it permed EVER so I was kinda skeptical.

Divatress-Braids (3)

But I really have to admit that my fiery red crochet hair looked soooo gorgeous! Agree??!! I love how it instantly made me look made up, that I actually looked fashion forward and young.

On the other hand, I've never had a crochet hair. I don't know how to maintain it and care for it. They say it's more difficult to maintain this kind of hairstyle. Also, I'm pretty sure it'll hurt my not so healthy hair.

I'm super confused!!

Until I saw that Divatress has a line of crochet hair!

Divatress-Braids (1)

Divatress is a leading and most-trusted wig online retailer. They are known for exceptional customer service, fast delivery and thousands and thousands of hair styles! I was browsing their collection of crochet hair and I want them all!

This is definitely the answer to my dilemma! I could have the crochet hair I soooo wanted without ruining my hair, and worrying about maintenance and all! Best of all, I could easily switch to straight hair and crochet hair in an instant!!

** This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.

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