Why I Got Really Pissed Off Last Night

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I try not to rant on my blog anymore. I'm keeping it positive and clear off rants already because I'm very sure umay na umay na din kayo sa ganyan on your own social media timelines.

But what happened last night is something I think I should really speak about.

You see, last night I watched Ballet Manila's Swan Lake with the #FabSkye and some of her friends and my blogger friend Liz of Zaine & I.

I opted for the Sunday, 3PM show coz I'm sure there'll be more kids on that show since it's 3PM and also, that's the show where my favorite ballerina Abigail Oliveiro is performing. Zaine, Liz, the #FabSkye and I are seated separate from my daughter's friends.

If you know my daughter, you'll know that she's really the talkative type. Understandable because she's 3. And she loves ballet!

So eto na nga, while watching the show, the part where the swans (ballerinas in white) came out, my daughter shrieked in excitement. But I swear it's not even too loud (the music of the orchestra is still louder than her) and it lasted for only a second. When the woman in front my daughter looked at her (my daughter was standing while watching coz she loves to imitate the ballerinas) and said "Can you not shout?"!!!

I'm like WTF!!! I swear right then and there kumulo talaga yung dugo ko at nagpanting ang tenga ko. I said "Sinasaway ko yung bata pag masyado maingay at higit sa lahat, bata yan! What do you expect? She's not even that loud!". Then I asked my daughter to just dance on the aisle. Yung 3 year old na bata nalang ang maga-adjust. Nakakahiya naman dun sa babae na malamang times 10 ang tanda sa kanya.

As I've said, I'm with Liz and Zaine. If you also read my friend's blog you'd know that her son, Zaine, is a kid with special needs. So when I saw Zaine going near that lady, I told Liz to get Zaine right away dahil I swear if that girl said something to Zaine, warla na talaga kami dun. I saw how Liz made efforts in giving her child a normal childhood kahit hirap na hirap na sya. I would see how Liz would try to comfort her son lalo na since he tends to grab people pag di sya pinapansin. But all in all, Zaine is really very good and very behave. But since masyadong sensitive si ate baka pati si Zaine patulan. I swear pag pinatulan nya si Zaine, malamang patulan ko din sya.

I mean come on! We have 3 year olds with us. And as I've said, the kids are not even that loud. Sinasaway din naman if napapalakas ang boses ng bata eh. But still, how could someone who's supposed to be older and much more mature than a 3 year old do that?

Buti andun ako, she scolded my daughter directly! Eh madali pa naman matakot yung bata. Actually, napa stop nga yung bata and looked at me. In my daughter's eyes, I saw confusion and fear. Parang nagtatanong if she did something wrong.

It's a ballet show!! On a Sunday afternoon!! Where kids are allowed AND expected to watch. Our 3 year olds are enjoying the show. And they are kids, so enjoying a ballet show includes a little shrieking and some dancing.

Hindi ko gets bakit may mga taong ganun. Di ba kayo naging bata? Or have you had a traumatic childhood na tipong balak nyong mandamay. Di ko gets talaga. I mean, for me those people who gets annoyed with babies who cry on the plane naloloka na ko. But I could still somewhat understand them. Minsan talaga if you are on a long haul flight, minsan maiinis ka if may maingay. But still, jusko! Imagine the stress on the parents. Diba?

But eto, we are watching a ballet show and the kids are not so loud even. Mas malakas pa talaga ang music ng show eh. Tapos magagalit ka? If you want to really focus on watching, aba eh! Bilhin mo yung seats na nakapaligid sayo! Para wala kang katabi.

Pagbibigyan ko pa sya if the kids are 7 or 8 na eh. But a toddler?!! A 3 year old??!! Takte naman!!! I just can't find the words right now because I am super duper annoyed. I am disappointed. I am appalled.

Bakit may mga supposedly educated and mature people na ganun? Plus I am there, with my child! Pwede nya akong sabihan! Kahit na in the first place, dapat mas marunong sya umintindi.

Even way back when I'm single, and I'd encounter kids na hihilahin ang buhok mo sa jeep or masisipa ka, I just can't find the nerve to get mad. Minsan nga mas nagagalit pa ko sa parents na papaluin yung anak because nadumihan ako. Jusko! Bata yun. Ano expect mo? Kung sya yung nakaapak sa akin maiinis ako but a child? Kahit sinadya pa, I can't find the nerve to get mad sa isang bata. Sasawayin ko siguro but always in a nice way dahil bata yun eh.

If she only talked to my child in a nice way, na-appreciate ko pa sya eh. Pero yung outright pagalitan ang bata? Diosmio!! I can't!!!

They left pala (or maybe transferred), during the 2nd half of the show. Buti nalang because when I told my husband about what happened, nagbantay na dun sa tabi namin. Nyahahaha! Eh jusko mas patola talaga yun eh. Lalo na pagdating sa anak nya.

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So people, I can't believe I have to write this pa, but I am pleading you to please think first before you act or talk to a child. Be a better person naman. Yung mag away away kayo sa social media because of your opposing opinions, sige! Bahala kayo! But yung pagalitan mo ang bata for acting like a child, that's a different kind of crazy.

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Haaaay! Sorry but I really have to express it here. It's the first time I have ever experienced it. Nakakaloka. Buti nalang cute ang anak ko!

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