Why We Need Omron CompAir Nebulizer At Home


I grew up with a nebulizer. It is probably one of the first few machines I learned to operate.

You see, my entire family is asthmatic. My Papa, all of my siblings and I are asthmatic. Though I've outgrown mine when I turned 7.

So a nebulizer is a necessity at home. We own one of those big, bulky ones. Actually, we USED to own one coz apparently the one that we have here at home is not ours. It belongs to our Baranggay Health Center, na inangkin na namin at di na sinoli. Nyaharhar!


So when I was invited by Omron Healthcare on the launch of their newest product - Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE - C801, I immediately said yes as this is a product that is very close to my heart.


Growing up in an asthmatic family, I know a lot of things about asthma. And I really try to educate my fellow mums about it (blogged about how to take care of your asthma-prone baby here).

You see, asthma is not easy. And I'm very proud that I was able to keep it away from the #FabSkye. But knowledge is power! So I will share with you some more information about Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that we've learned from Dr. Anjanette O. Reyes-De Leon, M.D.

Dr. Anjanette O. Reyes-De Leon, M.D., Pediatrician and Asthma & Lung Specialist

Understanding Asthma

  1. Childhood Asthma is the most serious, chronic disabling disease of childhood.
  2. It affects 1 out of 13 children and is growing at an alarming rate every year. Scary.
  3. Children with asthmatic parents are more prone to asthma. Also those with low birth weight or born premature.
  4. It could start as a simple Allergy. Or, like me, it could start with asthma but once we've outgrown asthma, it turns into allergic rhinitis.
  5. Could lead to pneumonia or bronchitis.
  6. Most common allergens that could trigger asthma are house dust mites, house dust mixtures and cockroaches (I know! Ew!).
  7. Once you had asthma, you will always have asthma. You may outgrow it (like me) but one should always take extra precaution and avoid triggering it again.
  8. One of the best way to fight off asthma or COPD is by using a nebulizer.


That talk is definitely enlightening for me. And while I thought I am already very knowledgeable with asthma, I still learned loads. That's why I love attending events like this one as they really educate us mums so we could be better parents.

Of course, Omron CompAir Nebulizer was introduced to us and I'm really amazed with this product. I grew up with a nebulizer at home and the only variant I know is those big, bulky, and noisy one. So when I saw Omron's compact and pretty nebulizer, I fell in love!


Why I Love Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE - C801

  1. It's compact. Just a little bigger than a phablet. Also comes with a carrier bag so it's easy to lug around. Also very lightweight.
  2. Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.). Alright it's a bit techy but to sum it all up this nebulizer system uses a kind of technology that provides a more efficient nebulization and reduces medication wastage. If you've used a nebulizer, you'll notice that not all the vapor is inhaled by the patient - those are medication wastage. And we don't want to waste our meds. Honestly!
  3. Easy to clean. Just wash the nebulizer kit gently right after every use and then soak it with warm water to remove all residue and air dry. Make sure to wash the nebulizer kit after every use to avoid clogging of the kit. Syempre if you leave the medicine inside the kit tapos natuyo, it would clog the kit. Waley na. Most of all, DO NOT POKE YOUR KIT if you see some clogging. Omron has a lot of service centers, just bring your unit there for proper care. Some people daw kasi would poke the kit with a needle. Ayun! Multiple stab wounds ang peg ng nebulizer. Wawa! So don't do that!
  4. It is cheap. It only costs 3,280.00php per unit. Each unit comes with a bag, the compressor machine, the nebulizer kit, 2 masks (1 for adult, 1 for child), a mouthpiece, an air tube and 5 ps of spare air filters (yes, because apparently you need to change the air filters). But the best thing is they have a promo right now until the end of October. You get 300php off per unit so technically it only cost 2,980php! Ang mura!!
  5. Not too noisy. Less ang ingay ng unit na to. Not unlike the Jurassic ones that we have that is super ingay. Gising buong bahay pag may nag nebulize. Alam nyo yan! Especially since most of the time (specially with kids), we have to nebulize round the clock! Ay kaloka pag nebulize time ng madaling araw.
  6. It's Omron. That's it. Bow. Hahaha! I mean, diba if it's a trusted brand, wala ka na masasabi talaga eh. You know right away that it's a quality product that is worth our money.
  7. It's not only for asthmatic. While nebulizers are asthmatics bff, it's not only for asthmatic people. I really recommend every household to have a nebulizer especially if you have small kids. When the #FabSkye is a baby tapos may clogged nose, her pedia would recommend that we nebulize her and just use Salinase, the over the counter saline solution, para matunaw ang sipon sa ilong at madali ilabas ng bagets. Usually diba they would say na patakan nalang ng Salinase ang ilong ng babies? Kaso may mga babies talaga na mahirap patakan. So what we would do is we use nebulizer! Akala nya pinapahanginan lang sya. Nyahaha! Kahit ako, I would use it pag super barado na ang ilong ko. Instant relief!


I really fell in love with Omron CompAir Nebulizer the moment I saw it. And I already promised myself that I have to buy one for our family. Buti nalang nanalo ako sa raffle!!! I was able to bring home a unit!

Pagdating ko dito sa bahay napa-hallelujah ang pamilya ko! Kasi nga, di pala amin yung nebulizer na andito sa bahay. Sa baranggay pala yun!!! Bwahahaha! Syet, nagagalit pa ko pag may nanghihiram. Ayun, sinoli na namin. Hihihihi! I showed my Omron to our Baranggay Chairman and recommended it to her. Mas maliit kasi and mas mura diba?


Super thanks to Omron Healthcare for inviting us and for the talk. Ang dami ko natutunan talaga. And as a parent of an asthma-prone child, it is really very important that we know what to do and that we have the best equipment to help us fight off asthma!


If you wanna know more about Omron CompAir Nebulizer, you may visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Let's be fully informed and fight off asthma and COPD!

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