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Don't we all agree?

Alice Dixon, Dawn Zulueta, Ina Raymundo, Donna Cruz - ang sasarap nilang saktan diba?!!

I'm blessed with a relatively good skin. But my skin is dry and they say it age faster. I'm just so glad that I've known this since I'm in my early twenties at maaga akong nakapag-prepare.

Until now, I'm very specific with my skin care routine. But I have to admit that hindi ko keri ang madaming rituals specially at night because abot kaluluwa na talaga ang pagod ko in the evening. And I'm very sure that most of you mums could relate.

So here I am sharing with you my skin care routine. I was supposed to vlog about but since abot kaluluwa na nga ang pagod ko, di ko na kaya humarap sa camera ng mukhang tao. Nyahaha! So blog blog nalang muna tayo mga besh.

My Skin Care Routine

Cleanse. I really make sure that I have a clean face. In the morning, I'd wash my face with a facial wash or cleanser. In the evening, I'd start with make up remover (I love this make up remover and this cleansing wipes) if I have a full make up on and then micellar water to cleanse my face. Usually at night, I don't want to wash my face anymore because my eyes are too tired. I just can't anymore. So micellar water is really a game changer for me.

Tone. I would usually only use toner in the morning or if I wash my face. I was able to find a nice, gentle toner in Althea Korea and I'm loving it. Usually, toners are kinda strong and most only makes my skin even more dry. I used to skip this step until recently after finding that light toner I'm telling you about. I just noticed that toners really does help my skin absorb my moisturizer.

Moisturize. This is very very very important for me. As I've said, my skin is really dry and so I have it keep it moisturized. And not just a typical moisturizer I tell you. It has to be really good and really gentle because I have sensitive skin. I would moisturize day and night. Walang palya! And also, please don't forget your neck! Moisturize your neck as well.

Sunscreen. I just can't emphasize the importance of this product. Please don't forget your sunscreen. It is very very important. I have a sunscreen for daily use and a sunscreen if I know na magpapa-araw ako.

Scrub. This is important because we want to make sure that we remove all the dead skins on the face or the excess dirt that we accumulate everyday. I would use a facial scrub every other week. Since I have dry and sensitive skin, I realized that using facial scrub once a week is not okay for me. Numinipis ang skin ko at nagkaka rashes ako. So every other week for me. For others, I guess once a week is okay. I actually use a peeling gel kasi sabi nila bad sa environment ang scrub. But I guess you could use kung ano ang mas hiyang sayo.

Masks. Eto lately nalang to and not really a "routine" but on a feel-ko-lang basis. Once in a while, I would treat my face with a mask at night just to give it a little more TLC. I love the no-rinse types because ayoko nga magbasa ng mata sa gabi.

Serum. This is an addition to my routine. And because I'm 30, I need extra help now. I've been very good with taking care of my skin kaya even if I'm in my early 30's already, I still don't have visible lines and wrinkles. Pero aantayin ko pa ba? So when I was invited by Metro Pharma Philippines on an event as they launch an anti-aging serum, Mattina and Serata, I said yes right away. And now, Mattina (the day cream) acts as my serum/primer.


Eye Cream. I can't express how important eye cream is. I've been using an eye cream since mid-twenties and I swear they are important. Did you know that the most sensitive part of our face is the skin around the eyes? Yes, they are super sensitive and so they must be given extra care. I use Serata for the areas around my eyes to prevent eye wrinkles.

See? It's super easy. And really fast. my entire skin care regimen does not even take 5 minutes. Since the others (like scrubbing and masks) I only do once in a while.

I really make sure that my skin care routine is simple. Why? Because I'm a mum. Noon, I would wait pa for several hours at night so I could give my eyes my some rest because I really need to wash my face at keri lang yun and then I'd follow it up with some other rituals. But now, di na talagaKaya nga I'm very thankful that we now have micellar water who does the job ng mas madali.

Dapat talaga di kinakatamaran ang skin care. Because honestly, having a good skin pays off.

Mattina and Serata

Now, I've mentioned these latest addition to my skincare routine - Mattina and Serata. Thing is, when Metro Pharma introduced to us Mattina and Serata, I was really intrigued and I couldn't wait to give it a try.

Mattina-Serata-Anti-Aging-ReigningStill (1)
Image from MattinaSerata website.

This is an Italian brand that has been in the market for quite some time already. But used to be only available sa mga derma. Now, they have decided to make it available online.


During the launch, experts discussed everything that we should know about aging. And I'm very glad that most of them, aware naman ako since I read about aging years ago when I learned that prone ako sa wrinkles because of my dry skin.

Basically, Mattina and Serata is a breakthrough technology in skin care that helps reduce wrinkles by penetrating the skin.

It calms the skin upon application so we could see visible results. Actually, I love using it as a primer because it really helps fill in the fine lines in my face.

It also hydrates and revitalizes the skin. We we're told that it hydrates the skin deeper. Usually kasi, the moisturizers and serums that we have now could only reach the outer layers of our skin eh ang aging talaga nag start deeper. The collagen also helps in keeping the elasticity of the skin.


Ang daming medical terms during the talk but the bottom line is - Mattina and Serata anti-aging serum penetrates on the deeper layers of the skin to ensure na mawala or ma-prevent ang wrinkles.

What I love most about this product is that it comes in this cute silicone gel capsules so it's very hygienic.


I've been using it for more than a week now (also Mila) and I could really see instant visible results. The product promise is that we'll have ageless skin in 28 days. Let's see!

If you wanna know more about the product, visit their website. You could also buy the product on that website or via facebook.

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