#WackyStill: Episode 12 + Mum Musings

While checking out these set of photos for the #FabSkyeOOTB, I remembered an old segment of this blog - the #WackyStill.

Look at this!!!

Baliw na bata to! I asked her to pose for the camera for her #OOTD shots tapos eto kinalabasan ng mga kuha ko. Bwahahaha

I don't know what she's thinking!

Most days I would be in awe of how much she has grown.

Endless ang tanong. Madami ng "why". Sometimes, I don't have the energy to keep up anymore! I dread the day that she'd be a teenager! My gulay!

I've always wanted to raise a strong, independent lady. But sometimes, kinakabahan akooooo! Bwahahah!

Sometimes, I miss her being a baby. But I honestly enjoy being with her now.

Like me, she's a huge fan of KathNiel. She also loves watching RomCom. She loves fashion. She loves the beach. Konti nalang may kasama na ko sa mga beach trips and adventure.

I want to be her bestfriend. Her confidante. I wanna talk about make ups and fashion with her.

Sana we won't lose this closeness that we have.

Alam ko mahirap because I'm her mum and I'm really strict. But I'm still finding balance.

What I do now is that I spend my weekends with her. We'd go to the mall (because she loooooves going to the mall) and would watch a movie or just eat or visit the toy store. We would check out clothes and make ups. We would walk and walk and run and play.

It is very tiring but it's always worth it. Buti nalang I raised her na hindi lahat ng gusto nakukuha. She understands that she can't have all the toys kasi walang pera. If I tell her na one toy only, she understands. Of course minsan may slight arte and tampo but all in all she makes it easy for us.

I really love weekends!

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