✔Parenting Tip: Caring For Your Asthma-Prone Baby

Do you have an asthma-prone baby? I have one too. First let’s check if your baby is prone to asthma. Shall we?
  • Do you have asthma? Does your husband/wife have asthma? Does any of the grans have asthma? Then, your baby is prone to asthma too. Asthma runs in the family.
  • Is s/he prone to having sniffles? Then she’s probably prone to allergic rhinitis that could eventually lead to asthma.
  • Is s/he formula feeding? Then she’s probably prone to pneumonia or bronchitis that could eventually lead to asthma. Formula milk are phlegm forming that could lead to cough or pneumonia if not treated right away. (Note: I am not saying that all formula-feeding babies are prone to asthma okay? But based on studies, since formula milk are phlegm forming, there are cases that a simple cough could lead to asthma.)
Now, if you are like me, whose child is prone to asthma then please read along. And I hope it’ll help you in one way or another. I was successful in preventing asthma to find his way into my baby for a year now. I think I should share the stuff I did to fellow mums who’s also having the same issue. Asthma runs in my family . I have it. All my siblings have it. My Papa have it. And it has taken over our lives for several years now. I don’t want my child to suffer like all of us. So I‘m doing everything in my power to prevent it. But please, if you’re a mum with an asthmatic child, please do not ever think it’s your fault. Ahas talaga yang hika na yan! Kapal ng mukha! So blame the hika, not yourself mum. You are awesome.

I am also not claiming that asthma would never find it’s way to my baby. But so far I’ve been successful for a year. I plan to continue doing what I’m doing and pray that she’ll grow up asthma-free.

So, here are my tips:
  • Breastfeed your baby. If you have an asthma-prone baby, then take that as another reason to push breastfeeding. As mentioned above, studies show that formula milk are actually phlegm forming. I swear it’s true. We’ve proven it. My youngest brother, now 10 and is suffering from cerebral palsy, is drinking Pediasure. It was recommended by his pedia because he‘s malnourished. When I became a mother and did my research, I found out that this formula milk actually contains a lot of sugar. As in loads. That’s why it’s recommended for malnourished kids. But since it’s high in sugar, it’s the main reason why my brother would have bronchitis almost every month. So wala din! Papayat din kasi nagkakasakit. I asked my mother to ditch formula and just gave the brother fresh milk. Plus loads of solid food. Now he’s on fresh milk for 11 months. He only had cough once. And it was gone in 5 days after taking meds. Good job!!
  • Stay away from second hand smoke. I am very very VERY strict with this. People are NOT ALLOWED to smoke if my child is within the vicinity. As in a little smell of smoke and I’d go gaga. Mums, please don’t be shy to tell off people who’s smoking in public especially if your kid is there. We have a law that protects us and our lungs. Ask them off nicely. Ako as in nananaway ako. Kasi bata yan eh. At mali na manigarilyo in public.
  • Do not use baby powder or at least those with talc. Baby powder is an allergen. Or those that triggers allergies. Talc could get into our lungs and eventually cause asthma. Until now Skye never uses baby powder. If she is pawis, I’d just wipe it off with a towel. She’s a baby anyway. She smells good even if pawisin.
  • Do not use strong perfume or cologne or anything with strong smell. I have allergic rhinitis, so anything that could trigger my allergic rhinitis is also not allowed to my kid. Like anything that has strong smell. Skye don’t use baby cologne. I don’t use cologne too. We also don’t use fabric conditioner. As in no strong smell for us.
  • Make the baby enjoy the early morning sunshine. Mila would always tell me that I should make sure the baby gets her daily dose of morning sunshine. Pampalakas daw ng baga. So I always make sure that everyday, I bring the baby out to bathe on the sun. She’d also play with the rest of the kids. Now it’s also her walking practice time. We’d bring the walker out and make her walk and walk and walk.
  • Give her lotsa water. You can give the baby water at 6 months when s/he start solids. Make sure that the baby drinks a lot of water everyday. Encourage her to drink water after every meal.
  • Have her checked regularly. Babies should have a regular check up. Tell your pedia that asthma runs in the family so she’d know what to look out for. If the cough (progressive cough) is more 3 days old, go to the pedia immediately.
  • Make sure that your bed, her play area and her crib are dust-free. Dust is one major allergen. As must as possible stay away from dust.
I hope you learned a thing or two. I won’t claim to be an expert ah. And as I’ve said, we still have a long way to go. My baby’s turning one palang. Malayo-layo pa ang tatahakin namin mag ina. But even Mila admits that I’m doing things right because I managed to kick off asthma’s butt for a year. Yes, we had our down times. She was hospitalized twice. The latest was last January. But she was happy. She was active. She was cheerful. She lost a little weight but gained it right back in no time.

Sharing her with you her hospital pictures. Sobrang kulit nyan!


Baby’s birthday is almost here! Yay!

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