How FarmStay Made Me and Mila Very Happy

Last month, I received some FarmStay products from the mail, waiting to be tried and reviewed.

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The products come with these cutie aquarium-like case, complete with sand! Mind you. They are super cute I didn't want to open them. Harhar!!

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Anyway, FarmStay is a range of snail beauty products distributed by McDell Healthcare Products Inc. I've been hearing about the secrets of snails on beauty for some time now. Heard a lot of great things about it and so when I was given the opportunity to try it out, I know I just have to say yes. And when I mentioned it to Mila, she’s more than willing to review it with me. Told yah, she’s all about beauty these days.

The great thing about these range of beauty product is that it’s Korean. And you all know how nuts I am about Korean skin care. Who wouldn’t? Koreans have the best skins in the face of this planet. Their beauty product range must be super awesome diba?

My 32 year old skin has been showing signs of aging. I am still pretty lucky though because they are not that visible yet. But I feel it and I know that the thing I’m dreading is almost here. And FarmStay promises anti-aging benefits. Snails are known to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen that helps prevent and repair wrinkles, they could also visibly tighten pores and gives a much more hydrated and smoother skin. So I was very excited to know how it’ll all turn out for me and Mila.

I was given 3 products to try – All-in-One Whitening Peeling Gel KIWI, Grape Stem Cell Emulsion and Formula All-in-One Snail Sun BB Cream. All of which I’ve been using for a month now. Mila’s also using it for a month and so I would tell you what I liked about each and why we both think that this is probably the best thing you’ll ever give to your skin.

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Mila and I are using the All-in-one Whitening Peeling Gel Kiwi twice a week. Just apply it on your clean, dry face and gently massage until it peels off your skin. I love the smell of this product and I love the feel of it on my skin. Mila wants to use it everyday. Hahahaha! Pinigilan ko lang. It is recommended that you use it one or twice a week. Actually, on the first two weeks, we were using it twice a week but now we are only using it once week as we have already seen great improvements on our skin.

Both Mila and I have dry skin. I specially hate it when its cold because it dries up my skin even more. I don’t want to use any peeling products because it would usually make my skin dry even more. Kadiri when you put foundation. Grabe talaga. But with this product, I noticed that it actually improves my skin’s discoloration and removes the dead, dry skin leaving me with supple, younger looking skin. The best part is, it is super duper gentle on my skin even if it’s a peeling product.

Mila’s skin now also have a lot of discoloration and dryness. We have a Spanish blood running in our veins and so we are super prone to freckles. But this product helps improve Mila’s discoloration. She loves the clean feel after using this product. Parang nawala daw lahat ng libag sa face nya. Hahaha!

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The FarmStay Grape Stem Cell Emulsion is now our official night cream. This is a light-weight anti-aging moisturizer best used at night. This is probably our favorite from the lot because honestly, I swear, me and Mila can’t live without it now.

Just massage a pea-sized product on clean face at night. This smells sooooo good (smells like fresh grapes) and really light-weight. Leave it overnight and you’ll wake up with a very supple skin the next day. I swear! The first time I use it, naloka ako sa lambot ng skin ko the next day. And it really looks fresh and clean and well-hydrated.

Mila’s skin is a bit loose because of aging. But after a month of using this religiously at night, very visible talaga ang improvement sa skin ng 50 year old mother ko. She loves this product so much that she made me vow to buy her this after we run out. And I just have to say yes kasi bet na bet ko din talaga to.

This is the reason why I delayed writing about this. Usually, products this great are only good on the first 2 weeks. Then after that I’ll experience break outs or biglang hindi na ganun ka-okay. But with this product, I noticed that it just gets better everyday. I could honestly see that it’s repairing our skin. This is the reason why I don’t use concealer anymore. Actually, I don’t wear make up anymore lately. Hahaha! I don’t feel I need to. Just BB cream, browcara and lipstick and I’m all set. My skin doesn’t look super tired anymore too. Hallelujah!

I swear this one is a must try. This is probably the best night cream I’ve ever tried that doesn’t break the bank. Thank you so much for saving my tired face and my wallet. I love you so much!!!!

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Now, this is my current go-to BB cream - Formula All-in-One Snail Sun BB Cream. This is light weight, whitening, anti-wrinkle and packed with SPF 50 PA+++. All-in-one talaga! I love the SPF honestly but I love that it doesn’t leave a whitish glow on selfies. Yey for this. It works perfectly well with my younger looking skin thanks to my grape stem cell emulsion.

I’ve been telling Mila to use BB cream in the morning but she won’t budge until this one. She loves the other two FarmStay products so much that she finally said yes to BB cream. She says it really helps her skin look a whole lot better the entire day without actually looking like she has make up on. So she is now a BB cream user.

All in all, we really love FarmStay. As in. You all know that I am very picky when it comes to products I give my seal of approval but this one passed with flying colors. If you want to know more about the other FarmStay products just visit the McDell site here or their facebook page or follow them on instagram.

FarmStay is definitely a mummy-must-have. We should all invest in skin care. Kasi pag maganda ang skin, no need for super pak make up anymore. And well, your husbands would definitely love it.

Share it to your mums too. For sure, they'll love you even more. :)

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