GIGA Baby Body Spray (Insect Repellent)


A couple of weeks ago, the online world had a major JE (Japanese Encephalitis) scare.

Nagkakaubusan ng vaccine.

There's a case in Laguna. There's a case in Pampanga. And that the cases are kinda rising.

This disease is caused by mosquitoes and targets the brain. No signs. And is known to be deadly.

Sinong Nanay ang di matataranta diba?!!

I was calling my pedia every other day (kasi MWF lang clinic nya) to ask if meron ng vaccine. Feeling ko nga naloloka na secretary nya sa akin. I even called other pedias dahil nga wala sa pedia ko. I even asked a friend who's wife is a doctor if meron syang alam na pwede kunan. I was really agit!

But then the DOH released a statement that JE vaccines are actually not recommended to be administered during the rainy season. And that the effect will happen months after the injection. So eh paano na diba??!!

We were actually advised to do the main thing that we could do to avoid JE, and that is to protect ourselves from mosquitoes.

Buti nalang very good ako dyan! Because dengue and the yucky mosquito bites.

Ever since the #FabSkye is born, I make sure that we protect her from mosquitoes and other insects. So we clean our house. She wears pajamas. We spray insecticides. And of course, we use insect repellents.

See, here's my problem - most of the repellents are not advised for babies especially newborns. There are only a handful of choices out there. Also, I have allergic rhinitis so I can't stand really strong smell. And I have to protect my baby from strong smell as well because of our anti-hika program.

And that's when I discovered GIGA Baby Body Spray.

It's an all-natural insect repellent that actually smells good. It contains natural oils so we are 100% sure that it is safe. Super bango nya. Love na love sya ng mga officemates ko kasi pag outing namin alam na nila na may dala ako at inuubos talaga nila yung isang bote. Kakaloka!

When the #FabSkye was a baby, we would usually spray this around the bed. We never spray it directly to her. Just around the bed and sa mga gilid. When we're out, we would usually spray it on her stroller or on the soles of her socks.

But now that she's three, 3 sprays on her back is enough (we spray it on her shirt and pants).

I swear this one works! I always have a bottle of this on my bag and I would spray it to the #FabSkye every  3-4 hours especially if we are out and nasa madamo kami na lugar. Pero kahit wala, or kahit mall lang, we would still spray some on her. Mahirap na talaga! Most of the time, kids get dengue pag nasa labas.

We have been using this for more than 3 years already. So for those of you with really small babies and is looking for super safe, super light insect repellent, this one is highly recommended.

I'm just sharing this just in case may mga naghahanap ng ibang lighter options for insect repellents. But of course, linis linis padin ng bahay pag may time.

Do you have other trusted brands na ginagamit nyo personally? Share naman! Mga lamok ngayon parang may super saiyan eh! I'm actually thinking of using another na medyo mas matapang. GIGA still works for us pero praning ako talaga.

They say tanim daw ako nung Citronella dito sa bahay. Kaso wala akong green thumb. Nag attempt ako magtanim ng oregano, namatay talaga sya besh!

Please share your anti-lamok tips mga mumshies!!

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