Face Resizing Care Program by Yakson House - Final Verdict

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My Face Resizing Care Program by Yakson House ended last month and I'm here to report my final verdict.

I've been blogging about the entire experience for several months now so I'm very sure you're all so excited to know the results.

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First off, I would like to refresh everyone's memory. I started with this face. My initial problem is the fact that my face is not symmetric. And I have to angle my face on one side to look good on selfies. So yes, ang problema ko talaga besh eh hirap na hirap ako mag-selfie.

If you'd look at the picture above, I tried to take a selfie with my not so nice angle and my face looked bloated. Very visible din ang chubby panga ko. Not nice.

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After 10 sessions, my face looked like this. If you notice, my jawline is more defined and the chin is smaller. The cheekbones also looked higher. I took that selfie right after my 10th session. So that is my bare face now. No make up at all. But my good skin is already very visible.

Noticeable results after 10 sessions

  1. Better skin. As in very obvious the improvement of my skin. I could now leave the house with just sun screen and nothing else because the skin is so much better. I love it.
  2. Smaller face. My face really looked smaller and sometimes, people think I lost weight already lalo na pag selfie lang ang picture.
  3. Symmetrical face. Now I could finally do front selfies. No more one side selfies. And since my passport is due for renewal, super saya ko since 10years na talaga validity nya eh. Sana this time, I'd look good na on my passport picture. All previous ID pictures are horrible kasi nga di talaga pantay ang face ko. Mukha ako may beke.
  4. Smaller tummy. Alright, I know I'm doing some exercises lately plus I'm trying to go on a diet my I honestly believe that all those belly massage at Yakson House really helped. Iba kasi talaga ang feeling after session. All the bloated-ness is gone.
  5. Relaxing. After every session, I feel really relaxed and rejuvenated. I love that they don't go straight to Golki but would start with massage to help with blood circulation and relaxation. I'm definitely going back for massages at Yakson. Ganun sya ka-okay for me.
  6. Introduction to Korean masks. I used to not mind masks but now I love it! I need to have my weekly face masks and I swear my face is thanking me for it. I'm so much loving this better skin and I'm doing everything to keep it this way.
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I only need minimal make up these days and I love it. Easier to prepare in the morning and lesser products on the face. Also, my selfies are a lot better now. Iba talaga!

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This is a recent photo I took na akala ng mga friends ko eh payat na ko. Face lang besh. Face lang ang payat. Hahaha!

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And here's my most recent selfie. As in super recent. Notice that I could finally look straight in the camera. And this is another no make up selfie. Just simple sunscreen (because you should never go out without sunscreen!).

I really love how Yakson was able to help me be selfie-ready! 

You can learn more about Yakson House by visiting their website here or check out and follow them on Facebook.

If you want to check out my entire Yakson journey, just check this link.     

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