Review: BioCair Disinfectant Pocket Spray

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When I became a mum, I also became a germophobe. And if you're a mum like me, I'm pretty sure you know how it feels!

With all the viral diseases these days, who could blame me?

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I would usually pack on loads of tissues, baby wipes and alcohol on our diaper bag. And most of the time, it's still not enough. My husband would always scold me coz everytime we'd eat on fast food restaurants, I would clean the entire table talaga. Nyahaha!

Kasi naman, my daughter has this tendency to just touch everything and then she'll eat with her hands. Laking baby-led weaning kasi kaya ayan!

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So imagine how happy I am when our friends from Koofty sent us a bottle of their latest product BioCair Disinfectant Pocket Spray.

It's a non-alcoholic, non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant made with only pure water and BC-65. It kills 99.999% of yeast, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

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This product only contains ultra pure water and BC-65 - a non-alcohol, non-toxic formulation that works by destroying the cell wall of the pathogen.​

All you have to do is hold the bottle 4-6 inches away from the surface and spray. No need to rinse. You can spray it everywhere - toilet seats, electronic devices like phone and keyboards, even kitchen surfaces and chopping boards. That's how safe it is! It is even suitable for sensitive skin and has a child-friendly formula. So perfect for my toddler.

I love that it's a pocket spray so it's easy to lug it around. It's a staple on my mum bag now! It's small, lightweight and easy to use. Major major happiness because ang bigat na talaga ng bag ko eh. Di ko na keri kung magdadala pa ako ng maalaking disinfectant spray diba?

So far, I'm loving it. This extra layer of protection for my child is a sanity-saver. And so far so good for us. Despite all the viral diseases around us, my daughter is as healthy as ever.

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Each 50ml pocket spray costs 600php. And you can get it from Mothercare, Ogalala and Milk & Honey (check out this link for full store list).

BioCair carries other products as well, you may check out their website to know more about BioCair and the other products they carry. They have an anti-HFMD pocket spray available too. I've been seeing loads of HFMD cases these days so mums, you may want to check it out.

But because I love y'all my dear #ReigningReaders, I'm giving away 1 bottle of BioCair Disinfectant Pocket Spray to 1 lucky reader.

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That's it! :)

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I'll announce the winner next week - Wednesday!

So easy! We all need this spray specially since tag-ulan and grabe ang viral infection these days. Prevention is always better than cure, remember that mums.


Angeli Namindang!

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