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On #Selfie101 lessons (meron ba nun?), I’m sure they’d tell you to “find your angle”! And with my extensive years of selfie experience (hanep! extensive talaga!), I have already found my angle!

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A post shared by Celerhina Aubrey (@reigningstill) on
A post shared by Celerhina Aubrey (@reigningstill) on

That’s my thin-face, nice jawline angle. So if I am not on my angle, I have to adjust. And believe me when I say that I really go at lengths just to make sure that they shoot me on my angle. Hahaha! 'Coz heller? We all want to look pretty in pictures right? Sa picture na nga lang eh! Pagbiyan na!

And so it’s a no-brainer that I hate ID pictures! 'Coz I have to look straight and I can’t angle my face to make it look pretty and thin and small. So yeah, most of my ID pictures are horror stories! My US visa (valid for 10 years!) looks like I just rolled out of the bed after a nightmare. Susmio! All puffy and round and ugh! I can’t believe I have to show that face to the immigration for 10 years!!

But I guess I’m not alone. I know that a lot of you are like me. And it’s just now that I realize why. It’s because my face is not symmetric! Like a lot of people. So when I heard of Yakson House and their Golki Therapy, I was really really interested.

So when our friends from Yakson House PH contacted me and asked me to be their beauty editor, I immediately said YES! No brainer.

I was given their Face Resizing Care program which would help make my face face slimmer and smaller without surgery. It’s pure massage and therapy.

I just had my first session (out of 10) last Monday. And I must say that it’s super worth it! The back and shoulder massage alone are really, really worth it.


I’ll talk about how the session works on my next posts about Yakson! I'll post more photos on my next posts as well.

So for now, you can learn more about Yakson House by visiting their website here or check out and follow them on Facebook.

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