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Instead of a back massage, there are days when I'd get a Belly Massage as part of my Face Resizing Care Program from Yakson House.

The Belly Massage aims to improve blood circulation on the front part of my body, prepping for Golki Massage.

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I don't usually get belly massage on other spa so when I first tried it, I was kinda weirded out. First because the therapist would knead my belly and would really put a little more pressure on my tummy area.

They recommend that you don't eat for at least 2hrs after the therapy as your tummy adjusts to the whole massaging that happened.

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Thing is, after giving birth, my tummy suffered the most terrible fate. It's large and bulging. As in belt bag levels of laki.

No amount of working out has been successful enough in making it shrink. But after a series of my Yakson House sessions, I notice a huge difference on my tummy. Yes, it is still big but it s noticeably smaller. Mas malaki na ulit ang boobs ko kesa sa tyan ko. Hallelujah!

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Also, I noticed that after every session magaan sa pakiramdam yung aking tummy. Less gassy. And better na panunaw. Common issue ko na kasi yung feeling bloated all the time. But after several sessions with Yakson, it has improved greatly.

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What I love about Yakson House's program is their holistic approach. There are a lot of programs that aims to really improve the body and not just to resize my face.

I am done with all 10 sessions. I'm so excited to share with you the final verdict. So watch out for that.

You can learn more about Yakson House by visiting their website here or check out and follow them on Facebook.

If you want to check out my entire Yakson journey, just check this link.

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