What Made Me Say Yes to Golki?

On my first post about Yakson House, I mentioned that I wanna be selfie-ready. Hence the decision to accept the Beauty Editor duty in exchange for 10 sessions of their very famous Face Resizing Care program.


Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first to try it. I read online that it involves bone-massage. Scary for me because I have trust issues, really! I’m a spa and massage addict and I am very particular about them not touching my bones and neck. Heller?! Buto yun! Pwede akong mabaldabo no! I know right? Paranoid much! But that’s me!

So what made me yes to Yakson?

Well, first is this…

OMG right? I don’t usually post pictures like that on my blog or social media but I guess for this post I have to. See? Crazy right? That’s what I look like when I’m not on my angle. And it’s not really pretty. How can I be a beauty blogger if iisang angle lang ang pwede kong pakita sa inyo? That’s also why when I do beauty product reviews, I seldom take multiple pictures. Eh diba usually the beauty bloggers would take lots of pictures on different angles and lighting? Di pwede yun sa akin. My face is really not symmetric and it’s kinda on the huge and puffy side. So I need to take action!

Second reason is I believed in Golki Therapy. I read all about it on the official Yakson House website and I totally believed in it. What I liked about the Golki Therapy is that it’s a holistic approach. They won’t just massage your skull and right away and then okay na. No! They would usually start with a back massage and shoulder massage to “prep” you for the Face Resizing. They’d use slimming machines to make sure that the face it treated properly. And most of all, I really believe that if you wanna improve something on your body, start on improving blood circulation and make sure that the body is relaxed.

And after 3 sessions with Yakson House, that’s exactly what I’m getting! I could totally feel the difference of their approach from the others. They would really cover all aspects of your body – making sure you are relaxed, you are moisturized and you are at your best shape after.

My final reason is Miss Kim. She is the owner and main therapist of Yakson House in Manila. She has been practicing Golki for 10 years now, in Korea and here in Manila. She studied Golki and is a certified Golki Therapist. Sya talaga ang gumagawa ng Golki Therapy sa mga clients nila. Walang iba. WIth her extensive experience with Golki, I know I am in good hands.

That's it really. And I guess those reasons are more than enough. On my next post I'll show the entire program. So you'll know na sulit talaga ang ibabayad mo sa kanila.

So for now, you can learn more about Yakson House by visiting their website here or check out and follow them on Facebook.

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