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First of all, Happy Mother's Day! I love all the mother's day post and videos and messages and articles. I just felt the extra love really and I'm so grateful that once a year, we spend a day to honour our mothers.

Being a mum is my favorite role. I just love, LOVE being a mum. This whole mothering thing? It suites me. It is me! And I've never been so happy.

But I've never been so tired too. Yes! Yung pagod ko noon, arte lang pala yun mga bes! Char char lang sya I swear! Eto. Eto ang #LegitPagod. Eto talaga sya!

I saw a post that details a stay-at-home mum's schedule. Nakakapagod din sya. Actually, for me naman talaga there's no point in this whole mum wars about SAHMs and WAHMs and WMs. Being a mother? That alone is tiring enough! That alone entails sacrifices. That means forgetting sleep, probably eating late or not eating at all for some. That means getting up first and going to bed last. That means being able to do multiple things at once.

Have you seen that funny video na gumaya dun sa dad that was interrupted by his kids during a very important BBC interview? Kuhang kuha nya bes. Yun! Yun na yun ang mga Nanay! Multi-tasking at its finest.

And so, because of that I was inspired to write my own "regular" schedule. Let's see if you can keep up!!

Alright, here we go...

I usually start my day around 6-7AM (depending on how late I slept the previous night or should I say, morning). Yes. The latest is 7AM because if I try to oversleep that means ruining my entire schedule.

Then it's coffee time or a quick breakfast while checking out my social media and emails and Slack and my planner (buti nalang lahat sila nasa iPad ko and cellphone, thank God for technology!). Whatever I could afford (I mean, whatever time permits). But it is important for me to check my social media and emails for my blog-related or personal stuff and Slack for my work-related stuff.

Sometimes I do have morning meetings that I would take from home. Thank God for fast internet connection! Because I work with a diverse team (half of my team is in the US), so most of our meetings are either early mornings or late at night.

My daughter usually wakes up around 9AM. So pag gising na sya, I would prepare her breakfast or just carry her because she is extra lambing in the morning. Pero yung pagbabantay while she's having breakfast, pinapaubaya ko na sa Tita ko who takes care of her. While I'll take a bath and prepare for work.

It's also in the morning that I prepare her homeschooling stuff. Ibibilin ko the worksheets that she has to do for the day. Ibibilin ang food, anong pwede panoorin, ilang oras pwede mag iPad, etc.. Yes. Bilin! I am not ashamed of the fact that I delegate tasks. Kaya nga ako kumuha ng taga-alaga para tulungan ako alagaan ang anak ko. I supervise, I oversee. But I delegate. Bow.

Ayun, depende sa kinalabasan ng umaga ko (if there's a meeting or if my daughter is extra clingy that day), I would usually leave home from 9AM-12NN. Pinaka late is 12NN because I need to be in the office at 1PM. Buti nalang hinahatid ako ng asawa ko because commuting is really hard. Ang init plus I have a heavy backpack because of my laptop.

During our commute, yun naman ang aking Netflix time or I'd read e-books. Lahat talaga nasa cellphone ko! Konti lang ang Me-time ko pero pinu-push ko talaga sya. Kelangan kahit 1hr everyday, I need to spend it for myself. So binge-watching on Netflix or reading books.

I'd be in the office from as early as 9AM until around 8PM or if I do have a meeting that day, I'd be in the office until 10PM-12AM.

Dati, I would take my evening calls at home but if my meeting is around 9PM alanganin because traffic is heavy pa if umalis ang husband ko ng 5-6PM sa bahay. Sayang oras namin pareho kung ma-traffic lang sya. So I would take the evening calls nalang here in the office.

While at the office, of course I do work-related stuff. Malamang! Hello, boss! I'm really working yah know! Nyahaha!

Anyway, wala din naman ligtas because my work is really demanding. I'm in the airline IT industry. And I'm in this new project with new expectations and new team and new process. Lahat bago. So technically nangangapa pa ko and ang hirap talaga ng work ko ngayon!!! I am expected to code!! To automate. Something I don't do before. So grabeng braincells ang inuubos ko araw-araw I swear.

But, I would usually do blog-related stuff din sa office. During lunch break, that's when I'd prep my photos, and write. I would also work on my vlogs pag lunch break. Usually, saglit lang ako kakain and would spend 1hour doing my blog-related stuff.

At the office ko din ginagawa ang ibang parenting stuff like scheduling ng pedia at pedia-dentist, homeschool worksheets, I also have a CCTV cam installed sa bahay which I use to monitor my daughter's activities. So usually sisilip ako if tulog na o gumagawa na ba ng homeworks/worksheets  nya. I would also call sa bahay to monitor my daughter.

Pag-uwi sa bahay, I would usually eat with my family. No matter how late I'd go home. My husband would wait for me so we could eat together. Sweet yang mokong na yan eh. Usually nasa bahay na ko ng 8-9PM (pag walang call) so pag gising pa ang bagets kakain din sya ulit. Take note that she would usually eat dinner around 7PM but she'll eat with us again.

I would check her worksheets, we'd talk, we'd play. I would check if napaliguan na, nakapag brush na, nakainom na ng vitamins. Usually, all of those are done already pag-uwi ko. Thank God I have a Tita who looks after my daughter.

Night time is our play time. She would show me her latest dance moves and would sing. Ganern lang. Until it's time to sleep na for her. Effort really for me yung pagpapatulog sa kanya because she won't sleep until humiga ako sa tabi nya. We'd pray tapos lights off and then cuddle until makatulog sya.

Mega effort for me because antok na ko by that time. But I can't sleep pa. I have to do other blog-related stuff or work-related stuff pakatulog ng bagets ko.

Our dev architect is based in the US so if I have questions or issues I have to discuss with him, I would usually do it super late night or very early morning.

And since I also do blog-designing projects, I would also usually do it ng madaling araw because that's the time na most productive ako.

So yes, my "day" would end around 2-3AM. And then start ulit.

My schedule is really erratic because my full-time work and blogging are schedule based. Kaya very important sa akin ang planners at pag schedule ng mga bagay bagay. I have to list down everything I need to do, all of my due dates, all of my To Dos or else, asahan mo makakalimutan ko yan.

My day is usually very packed. I try to juggle my full-time work and blogging and parenting and homeschooling and vlogging. But honestly, okay lang sa akin. I am happy doing everything.

Sabi ko nga I don't do work-life balance. I do work-life integration. I make sure that my life is part of my work and my work is part of my life. I don't feel guilty that I bring home work kasi I also don't feel guilty that I do some of my personal stuff at work. Coz if you're a mum, wala talaga, kelangan mo gawin yun kasi Nanay ka naman 24hrs eh. So kahit nasa work ka, you have to mother padin. So if I don't bring home some work, eh paano naman ang career ko diba?

Sometimes nga I also attend blog events pag malapit lang sa office tapos lunch time eh. I swear! I do that. Anyway, lunch break naman yun. Para lang nag lunch out ako. But I make sure that I'm back before the lunch break is over. Masama kasi yung abusada. Babatukan ako ng boss ko.

So ayun po. I'm just glad that I don't do gawaing bahay like the others. Yes. I don't laba or linis because I'm asthmatic. I just can't. I don't cook because my husband do that for us. I would usually do the dishes in the evening kasi tamad mga kapatid ko at di ko keri ang maduming lababo talaga but I'm not required to do it because my mum or our Tita who helps us around the house does that for us.

I could concentrate on my daughter because I delegated my tasks already. Stuff I don't have to do, I won't do. If it can be delegated, I would delegate. Yan ang sikreto ko bakit buhay pa ko ngayon. Nyahaha!

Next time I'll show you how I handle my schedule. Because of this whole momnesia thingy, I really rely heavily on my planner for every little thing.

And I swear, super efficient ng buhay if I have everything on the planner.

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