Make brushing more fun with Minions!

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The #FabSkye's dental health is something I take seriously. Been blogging about our pedia dentist visits and I've shared several tips to my fellow mums on how to take care of your child's teeth and gums.

Here in the Philippines, we grew up in an environment where dental health is not taken seriously. Tipong maalala lang ang dentist pag masakit na ang ipin and bulok na. It is also very common to see kids with rotten teeth. Did you know that here in the Philippines alone parang 90% of the kids have dental issue? Ganun kalala!

It's great though that millennial parents are more involved on their child's well-being and that includes dental health.

I am a proud mum of the child with healthy teeth and gums. She's three and still no cavities, no rotten teeth, no discoloration and a huge part of that is her healthy brushing habits.

We never had issues with brushing. 

Kita nyo naman, she's around 1 year old that time and she brushes her teeth on her own already. Until now dala nya yan. She's okay with brushing and flossing. No tears. No issues. No drama. Sometimes, she would even remind us that it's brushing time.

So you are probably wondering how we made brushing fun and easy right? Here are my tips for yáll!

1. Start them young! The moment the #FabSkye started with solids (around 6 months), we already introduced the concept of brushing. We would "brush"her teeth and let her brush on her own. As early as 6 months, she's already aware that she should brush twice a day. Hanggang ngayon nakagisnan na nya.

2. Do not force your child. I am very careful with this. I know that us parents would lose our patience and force our babies to just do it. Because of our busy schedule and everything that must be done, we just want them to do it! Pronto! But that's not right. Never force your child. Introduce brushing, if they want to brush their teeth on their own let them. If they don't want to brush at all, let them but make sure to offer the toothbrush again the next day. Kasi if you force your child in brushing, they'd see brushing as a chore and they won't like it. We want them to like brushing so they would do it even if wala tayo para bantayan sila.

3. Sing with them, dance with them. I swear this is super effective. Specially when the #FabSkye was so much younger. We would sing that Colgate song.."Brush brush brush three times a day! Brush brush brush to keep the cavities away! Brush with Colgate!". Hahahaha! And if you could see us do it soooobrang matatawa kayo kasi may dance number pa talaga kami eh! And the Reigning Tatay? Bigay na bigay! Kembot kung kembot. May props pa kaming toothbrush namin.

4. Lead by example. Show your kids that you brush your teeth and that you are having fun while brushing. We would always brush our teeth as a family. So the #FabSkye could see us brushing our teeth too.

5. Use fun toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothbrush must be super soft so they won't hurt our baby's gums. The toothpaste should be masarap syempre. Not minty or maanghang. It would definitely help if they are using toothbrush with characters and colors that they could identify with! I would usually buy toothbrush with her favorite cartoon characters or her favorite color. Para naman matuwa siya while brushing. Like Colgate's Minions toothbrush.

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Diba soooo cute! When I showed this to the #FabSkye, sobrang ang saya nya. She wants to use the toothbrush right away! Iba talaga pag minions eh. Lakas ng hatak sa mga bagets.

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I've mentioned on my previous blog post that Colgate toothbrush user talaga kami. Loyal na loyal. It's a brand I highly recommend because of the super soft bristles, the handle is perfect (not too long or too short) and the bristle size is perfect. It is also very effective in cleaning my daughter's teeth. Kaya love na love namin ang Colgate toothbrush.


You could get the Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack here and Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack here.


How about you guys? How do you make brushing more fun for your kids?

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