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I have a confession. I'm bad. I don't drink enough water everyday. And you all know the result. A very unhealthy me.

So now, I set up an alarm on my phone to remind me to drink water. And I am making an extra effort in drinking enough water everyday.

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I'm just so glad that I was able to raise a daughter who loves water. She prefers water over fruit juice or chocolate drinks. She would religiously drink water before going to bed, the moment she wakes up, after eating and after playing.

It is really a huge help in making sure I raise a healthy kid. My daughter never had an episode of UTI, her cough and colds are usually treated with just an extra glass of water everyday and her skin are soft and smooth. 

One major factor I guess is the fact that she was raised to drink water all the time. I didn't give her chocolate drinks or sweets until she's two. And every time she'd drink fruit juices, we always follow it up with water.

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And last year when she attended the Day Care School at our Barangay Hall, her teacher commended us for always bringing water as baon.

You see, as part of DepEd's program to promote healthy food on public schools, they highly discourage bringing carbonated drinks, sweetened drinks and even those fruit concentrate drinks. Nakakatawa kasi Skye's teacher would always say, "di ko nga po alam bakit nabili pa ng mahal inumin eh tubig lang po talaga dapat eh.".

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So when I saw these little bottles of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water with my daughter's favorite Disney characters, I got really excited. Each bottle only costs 9.00 php and is a perfect baon for the #FabSkye.

Absolute distilled drinking water is our trusted brand when it comes to distilled water. This is the only brand that we use for our babies kahit noon pa. Because we are sure of the quality and of course, pagdating sa mga babies natin dapat talaga yung trusted diba? At diosmio! Tubig yan!

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So I'm really happy that Absolute partnered with Disney to produce these kiddie bottles to encourage more kids to drink water. I love products that innovate and make sure that they help parents like us. Kasi diba? Aminin nyo naman ang bagets, mas gusto yung may mga Frozen sa bottle nila. Kaya nga ako I would transfer water pa to my child's drinking bottle kasi she wants to drink with Anna! Ay susmio! Now, I could buy Absolute's Anna distilled water sa grocery. Everybody happy!

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Thank you Absolute for this effort! :) If you wanna know more about Absolute and their kiddie bottles you may visit their Facebook Page. Give them a thumbs up while you're at it!

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