How Traveloka Helps Me Explore the World with My Daughter

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, she specifically requested for a beach trip. Her undying love for Moana (and probably because she wants to sing that Moana song in the beach) is her main reason for wanting a beach trip. And so we gave it to her.

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Before I became a mum, I was busy travelling. Trying out food. Doing crazy, adventurous stuff. Seeing the beauty of nature, knowing cultures, understanding diversity and knowing that we live in a vast, wonderful and crazy world.

You see, as a child, I never had the opportunity to travel. We were poor. So the farthest I went when I was a kid was Nueva Ecija. My first plane ride was when I was 20 years old. The first time I saw the beach (a clean beach with proper sand, not Manila Bay) was when I was in my 20s as well. I was able to travel because I can finally afford it.

And boy did I miss out on much! While my friends weare talking about their escapades when they were kids, I can’t talk about anything. I know the world is different on a child’s eyes and I could never experience that. So when I became a mum, I made a pact to myself that I will explore the world with my daughter.

Travelling taught me a lot. I became more independent, I met friends, and I became more confident. I am a better person because of travelling. My experience of travelling alone in the US early this year has taught me a whole lot more. And so I wanna make sure that my daughter would experience that too.

It’s just great that I live in this day and age where travelling is much more achievable. We have low cost carriers, and we have the technology that allows us to plan our travels easier, faster and budget-friendly.

It’s easier to look for affordable flights and hotels and do a DIY travel itinerary. Because everything is just within our fingertips.

One of my favorite travel app is Traveloka. I already mentioned it here on the blog when we were planning our Bacolod trip and I must say that it is still one of my go to site and app when I wanna check for affordable flights.

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It’s just so easy. The Traveloka App is definitely the one-stop shop for all our travel needs - I was able to check for flights, and do hotel-reservations. The hotel descriptions and ratings definitely helped us find the most child-friendly hotel that also fits our budget and needs. The booking process is definitely fast as well. No hidden charges.

And since they have an app, I could do everything mobile. Definitely a working mum’s best friend.

But I recently discovered one feature that I really, really love – PRICE ALERTS!!

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Basically, through this app, I could set my travel itinerary (departure-arrival and dates) and then set my budget for that flight. Then the app would display all available flights for my itinerary and would alert me if a flight fits my specific needs! 

Everyday, I would receive a price alert informing me of the cheapest flights available for my itinerary. Complete with details and all. I could even add more preferences (aside from budget) like travel time, number of transits, etc. If you don’t like the everyday alert, you could even set it up to only inform you once the price is below your budget! It’s like, Traveloka’s doing the seat sale alert for you!

See? So convenient! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!

I’m using it now for our planned trip to Hong Kong next year, in time for my daughter’s 4th birthday. Yes. I am already on the lookout for affordable flights because I wanna save more money. We all know that flights are so much cheaper if done early.

Like all mothers, I wanna give the best to my child. The best I could afford. And thanks to technology and great innovations like Traveloka App, I could probably afford a little more than I thought I could. I just have to be smart about our plans.

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