Winter Wonderland


Hello my dear #ReigningReaders. Okay! Remember when I say I’d blog more while here because I don’t have the #FabSkye here with me and I have nothing to do at the hotel? Erase that. I do a lot of sleeping here so I don’t have time to blog. Nyahahaha! #JetlagIsReal

And since I went here for business, well they mean business. Busy na sobra. We had our first meeting yesterday (it’s 5AM here today) and it was very productive but I used all my brain cells. Muntik ng maubos eh. Walk out na nga sana yung utak ko, hinabol ko lang.

My team mates are supposed to go to Mall of America to grab dinner and find a nice business backpack for women but we over slept. So yeah. For my 3rd night here in Minneapolis, I had cookies for dinner. And oh some cup noodles. Ugh! But we promised we won’t sleep anymore and would go out immediately after work later. I woke up early because we’d go to the gym again this morning before breakfast. Yes! #BalikAlindog

Sorry, I really miss my family but I f*cking love this hotel life. I have a big spacious room and bed all to myself. I have a nice bathroom at wala akong kaagaw na mahilig mag splash ng tubig kung saan-saan. And most of all, someone always does my bed. Ermergerd!!!! Someone’s cleaning up after me. Though there’s really nothing to clean up much but heller? Someone’s cleaning up after me! Woohoo!

Also, the gym is just downstairs and we could immediately follow it with breakfast. How cool is that? Breakfast is ready for me. I don’t have to lug myself around for breakfast anymore. Woohoo!

Pero hindi talaga yun ang point ng post na to. Eto na naman si Ateng. Nyahahaha!

I really wrote this post to let you know that I just had a major snowfall experience here in Minneapolis. When I arrived, there are light flutters of snow. But yesterday? Woooow! As in major snowfall happened. It’s so cute but I honestly don’t like cold. I’m a tropical girl through and through. I know a lot of you dreamt of a winter wonderland pero di talaga sya masaya mga bes. The temp here is usually –16C and could go to as cold as –30. On Thursday it’ll be –24C. And you have to experience super cold weather before it’s warm up a bit for snow.

And real winter feels like supeeeeeer lamig. As in you really have to wear gloves and bonnets and scarf. OA talaga sa lamig. But seeing that snow falling is soo pretty. Like tiny cotton falling. And seeing everything covered in white is just sooo pretty. Everything is picture perfect. We we’re talking about walking on the snow later. I need to get a video for my daughter coz she’s sooo excited to see the snow. I hope I could take her here with me soon. She’d be soooo excited.

I’m here for only 2 weeks and I’ll be busy with the meeting but I’ll try to do as much stuff as possible. So yeah. I’ll share more of them on my upcoming posts. Also, you can follow me on Snapchat (@reigningstill) or follow my official hashtag #ReigningUSA.

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