Hello, sunny Manila!

Yay! Hello sunny Manila! Good morning from snowy, super freezing Minneapolis!!!


Yes, guys. This is why I’ve been MIA for quite some time. This is why I can’t even blog properly. I’m prepping for this winter-wonderland trip. Joke lang! I’m here for a business trip actually and not really touristy but I’ll try to go to as much place as possible and have lots of #WinterOOTD. Teehee! Pang winter pala katawan ko mga bes. Ang sexy ko sa winter clothes eh. Nyahahahaha!

Anyway, it’s freezing here. It’s currently -14C but last night when I arrived, it’s -23C!! As in NEGATIVE! Mas malamig pa sa freezer namin. Muntik na kong maging popsicle sa lamig. Nyahaha!

I thought I was already armed when I arrived here. I packed gloves, bonnet, I even wore a leather jacket. I was wearing a white shirt and a sweater plus socks and shoes pero paglabas ko, nangatal padin ako. And the very nice cab driver who picked me up told me that when he saw me, he knew immediately that it’s my first time here.

“When I saw you I said, what is she wearing? Is she crazy? Poor little girl.”

Hahahah! And oo! Akala ng lahat ng tao dito bata ako. As in bata ah. Mga buset! Kaya pala the nice cab driver grabbed my luggage and immediately ushered me to the cab. Awang awa pala ang loko. Baka mamatay ako sa ginaw. Naman kasi! Leather jacket na yun at 3 layers na. Apparently, wearing cotton is not a good idea. Harhar!!

I’ll be sharing lots of crazy stuff about my travel to the US of A. Gawin nating diary to mga bes ah. May kalokang experience pa ko sa immigration kaya abangan nyo yan. Makakapagblog ako dito kasi walang bagets. At ako lang mag isa sa hotel so aside from work, blogging nalang ako malamang. But I super miss my daughter. Huhuhu.. We’ve been facetiming since I arrived. She’s very excited to see the snow. So I have to go out and take a video of the snow. I really wish, it’ll snow here. I mean, snowfall and all coz I wanna show it to Skye. Haaayy!!

Inaantok ako!! Sleep muna ulet mga bes. And then I’ll find my way to the Mall of America.

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