Saying Goodbye to Minnesota


Today is my last day here in Minnesota. Well, my flight is actually around 8AM on a Saturday here but technically, today is my last day. We’ve also wrapped up our meetings and discussions and it has been such a productive 2 weeks for me.

I learned A LOT! And things like these make me really, really excited. This is why I love my job (my real job, that is). Learning new things excite me.

I know I haven’t blog that much at all. And the silly me thought hoped that I could blog much because I’m alone in my hotel room at night but NO! The first few days we’re rough because of the jetlag. But then the following days are extra hard because I’m so tired after all the discussions in the office.

Also, some of our officemates are such kind hosts that they scheduled some trips for us. Usually it’s dinner or lunch or some fun things to do after office. So by the time that I’m back at the hotel, I’m really exhausted.

But isn’t it great to be on a foreign country and be surrounded by extremely nice people? I’m so lucky!!! We’re so lucky!! That’s one of the things I notice in Minnesota. People are just super nice. Random people would smile. They would extend help even before you ask for it. Grabe! This city is filled with the nicest bunch in the planet. No wonder most of my friends who got the chance to visit this state fell in love with it. Nakaka-inlove pala talaga.

I would share some of the exciting things I did here on my future posts. I’d even try to do a video for y’all. But no judging okay? I’ll be doing the crazy, non-pro videos full of shaking, not-properly-focused images. Harhar!! But it’ll be fun. I promise!

I hope we’d have the chance to go back real soon and probably stay longer. I wish I could visit this place in the summer. Wag naman winter ulet. Keri ko na ang snow at matapang na ko sa lamig but I’m still a tropical girl. I’d rather go to the beach!

I left a piece of my heart in Minnesota. Till next time!

For now, let me pack my stuff. And pray that I’d be able to fit everything in my luggage. Harhar!

Also, pray for my safe trip back home. I miss the #FabSkye!

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