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Swimming is a skill that I want to make sure my child learn. This is a non-negotiable thing. I plan to send her to a swim school as soon as possible.

You see, for me, swimming is a life skill. It is a survival skill. Lalo na we live in an archipelago. We are surrounded by water. And yes, maihi ka lang baha na sa Pinas, so one must learn how to swim.

I can’t swim myself. Funny coz my Papa is a great swimmer. That’s why I think he’s a bit upset because none of his kids learned the skill. You see, he grew up in Bulacan. He learned how to swim at the nearby river. He could even do cliff diving. Well, they dive from a high bridge, not a cliff, but you know what I mean.

He tried to teach us how to swim every time we’re at his hometown but none of us learned how to. Probably because, unlike him, we can’t practice. The only “river” we had nearby is Estero de Paco. So, no way!

I am also a travel enthusiast. I love the beach. I love exploring the waters of the Philippines. That’s why I really wish I know how to swim. Kahit langoy aso sana pwede na eh. But no!

That’s why, I wanna make sure that my child would learn how to swim. It’s a survival skill. Something useful. Something worth every penny.

And so, our little family spent the last day of May at the Bert Lozada Swim School in Ace Water Spa Pasig.

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We enrolled the #FabSkye on their My Baby & Me program. This is a program intended for babies ages 6months up to 3yrs. It’s an aquatic program designed to help the parents and their children get familiar with water.

Although Skye is great with water, I still wanna make sure that she’ll realize that water is fun. And I wanna learn the proper way to hold my child while playing in the water.

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We opted for their Ace Water Spa Pasig branch because it’s an indoor heated pool. And I love Ace Water Spa. They are very clean.

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Cameras are not allowed on the pool area but the ReigningTatay was able to get some decent shots of the swimming area.

They have 1 teacher, 6 children with parents ratio so you are very sure that the teacher would be able to guide you well. Aside from the teacher, they also have 2 more facilitators. I really feel very safe with them.

They made sure that the lesson is fun. The teacher would sing, and we would all “dance” with her. They also have a lot of toys and other materials to play with. My daughter had loads of fun getting balls from the bucket while flipping her “fins”.

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I love that the teacher doesn’t force the babies at all. She is very gentle and teaches us how to properly get acquainted with water. She made everything looks fun and exciting for the babies. There are some “crying” episodes from the other kids but they are quick because the teacher would immediately make sure that the baby feels safe and would eventually enjoy.

It is a 30 minute lesson. Just perfect for early swimmers. I love that it’s not longer because I don’t want my child na mababad sa water. I just want her to enjoy.

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So far, our first lesson is a success. As I’ve said, Skye is great with water in general. And we we’re able to swim for the first time during our company outing in Laiya. But that one was very quick. I’m glad that she had so much fun at the pool that day.

We only allowed our child to swim after her 1st birthday. Actually, her pedia advised us that we should even delay it until she’s 2. Just to be safe. But I promised our pedia that we would only dip her body on the pool and not her head, so she allowed my daughter to swim.

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If you are interested to enroll your babies to swimming lessons too, go and contact The Bert Lozada Swim School through their site here. They have super nice staff that would answer your endless questions, promise. You know me naman, I ask A LOT of questions especially if it concerns my baby. Their staff is very patient.

You have to bring a picture of your baby, a doctor’s clearance and some other stuff too. Just ask the Bert Lozada Swim School staff and they’ll assist you. By the way, mums are also required to be on proper swimming attire, especially in Ace Water Spa. Super higpit sila talaga. Which for me is actually great.

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Go and check out the My Baby & Me program now. And by the way, I also enrolled on their Swimming 101 lessons. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Thank you so much Bert Lozada Swim School for this. :)

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