Mommy's Day Out With PLDT Home

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I used to be an anti-gadget mum. But now, no more! I realize that I could use technology to my advantage so I could be a wonderful mum to my child. And so far, we’re doing pretty good.

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As a neophyte mum, I really try my best to get informed on a lot of things. And so I found myself reading lots of “studies” about TV and gadget use for kids. And how “bad” they are.

If you’ve been reading my blog since time immemorial or if you’ve read this post, you’ll know that I had issues with people here at home because of my daughter’s TV time. I don’t want her to watch TV but everybody here are TVholics. I also don’t want her to use the iPad, but then one day, I saw her accessing my iPad, WITH A PASSCODE no less, and was able to do it no problem! That’s when I realize that I can’t make my child not watch TV or use gadget because we all use it everyday. How am I supposed to tell my child that it’s bad when we do it all the time?

Also, I’m an IT girl and a blogger. So I basically live and breathe on technology, social media and gadgets. I know that if I “Use it well”, it’ll be beneficial to my child. I help shape technology in my job. I know it’s power.

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So when PLDT invited me and other mums on a Mommy’s Day Out, I know I had to go. PLDT is known for providing the best technology that actually helps us mother our children. I am a huge fan of the PLDT Home Smart Watch and and the PLDT Home Telpad. So when I heard that they are launching the new PLDT Home FAMCAM, which is super advanced, I got really intrigued.

The event was held at Stacy’s BGC hosted by Isabel Oli-Prats and Denise Laurel. Aside from mum bloggers, other celebrity mums like Camille Prats and Issa Litton are also at the event.

It’s actually just a simple get together of mums. We had yummy food, lots of chicka and of course, endless laughter. Pag mga nanay talaga pinagsama sama mo, maingay yan!

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Basically we just exchanged opinions about motherhood and why we all love it. We talked about how we parent our child and how we make this whole mothering a whole lot better for all of us.

We all know that it’s the mothers who shape our future. Bakit kamo? We shape the next generation. We raise them. So I really think the job of the mothers are super tough and so we need to get as much help as we can. Hindi ka si Darna, bes.

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My favorite part of the program was the talk given by renowned psychologist, guidance counselor and author Michele S. Alignay. She talked about mothering on the digital age and how we can use technology to our advantage.

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I am very proud to say that most of the practices I am doing are included on her lecture.

She talks about the importance of balancing tech time with physical activities and socialization. That it is very important that we co-engage with our kids. Watch movies with them, sing and dance with them and laugh with them while they are on their gadgets. That honestly, balance is the key to everything. And making sure that we filter the apps and videos that our kids watch.

I downloaded YouTube Kids months ago and that’s what the #FabSkye uses on her iPad now. But even if we use YouTube kids, we still make sure that there’s nothing inappropriate on her list of videos. We screen the applications on her iPad and made sure that it is age appropriate. Hindi ko lang basta tinitingnan ang description ah. I really open it and explore. Michele says it is really important that we get engaged on everything.

Because of that, I was able to effectively use technology in mothering my child well. She learned to identify colors and letters because of her iPad. Her vocabulary is also expanding. Even her Tatay sometimes can’t keep up! We also use Snapchat to get updated with each other. We Snapchat to send cute messages the entire day. My daughter loves watching my snaps. Kaya sa mga followers ko, sorry sa madaming filters! Hahaha!

But still, my daughter is not super dependent on gadgets and TV. She could last an entire day without iPad. She does pretend play and is very active. She’s also very disciplined. Natatawa ako, because one of my #MumHacks was actually mentioned by Michele –  if I want the #FabSkye to stop watching those toy unboxing videos on YouTube and go to sleep in 30minutes, I would tell her that she could watch 2 more videos. After the 2nd video, being the super advanced digital citizen that she is, she would usually bargain. She’d say “2 more Nanay, please!”. And since I’m a cool and nice mum, I would usually tell her that she could watch one more. After that one last video, she would “surrender” her iPad without any tantrums. Bida na ko, nasunod pa gusto ko. Haha!

Actually, I learned super lots that day. We even shared some insights with our fellow mums. Some mums there have school-aged kids while some have teenagers. So that’s like learning stuff in advance.

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And of course we we’re introduced to the latest offerings of PLDT. We use the PLDT Home Telpad here at home and the PLDT Home Smart Watch so I’m really aware that PLDT is committed into making sure that every family are connected and well taken cared of.

Now, they also introduced the PLDT Home FAMCAM. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the PLDT Home FAMCAM. That’s the online security camera from PLDT. Yes that one who could get connected to the internet and allows you to monitor your home live via your phone. But now, PLDT Home FAMCAM got even better because you can now tilt the camera and talk ala-Big Brother to the people at home. This camera also has night vision and can be connected to a speaker. While the PLDT people are showing us some demo, we can’t help but be amazed. PLDT Home FAMCAM is available for Home DSL Plan 1299and up subscribers. And an Advanced PLDT Home FAMCAM, like the one I mentined here, is P499/month for 36 months (or a one time one time payment of P11,500). But a basic FamCam is P99/month for 36 months (or a one time payment of P3,000).

I swear a PLDT Home FAMCAM is super important. Even if you say you trust the people who take care of your child, iba padin yung may extra layer of security. And for us mums, we always take security seriously.

Isabel Oli even shared her experience to a yaya who shook her newborn daughter one early morning. Buti nalang, naka PLDT Home FAMCAM sya at nakita nya. Eh paano kung hindi diba? Her poor child!

I am also seriously considering the PLDT Home FAMCAM kasi just recently, after Halloween, the #FabSkye got lots of chocolates and candies that we put on her snacks bin. Aba! After 2 days ubos na ang chocolates! At walang umaamin kung sino kumain. Even the yaya don’t know where the chocolates went. Ay promise! Hysterical mode ako. What if my daughter ate all of it?! Diosmio! Ang dami nun! Eh we don’t allow her to eat much sweets. Regulated talaga ang sweets nya. Kaya, I swear, I’ll get a PLDT Home FAMCAM na!

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Another thing that really intrigued us mums, especially the not so techy mums is the PLDT Home FamZone. It’s that special router that helps you monitor and control your child’s internet usage. You can set a schedule for wifi and screen/block sites that you think is not appropriate for your child. FamZone is the top parental control device. Other features include: time setting, sleept time, website restrictions and manage customized profiles.

This device is very powerful and really very helpful especially for non-techy mums because it’s super easy to use.

I won’t talk about the PLDT Home Smart Watch anymore because you guys already know how much we love it. Very useful and very fun to use. But PDT is launching another PLDT Home Smart Watch. This time more colorful and they have a simcard so you could call your child. Awesome no?
Aren’t we all very thankful for brands like PLDT? These products that they are launching? They are really very helpful. And you could really see that they put so much effort in making sure that us, parents, could better take care of our family. So to PLDT, thank you so much! These products are more than awesome!

To know more about these products, drop by the PLDT Home website.

Get your FAMCAM for P499/month with your PLDT Home DSL or PLDT Home Fibr broadband! Learn more about it here.

Surprise your kid with a cool Smart Watch for only P199/month. Learn more about it here and here.

FamZone is coming out soon. FamZone Box will be available at P299/month. FamZone app will be available at P149.

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