Toddlers and Their Gadgets

I used to be one of those mums who believes that gadgets are bad for kids. Well, that’s it. I USED to be that mum. But now, I’m not.

For us, gadgets actually helped our child learn and grow. Yes. She learned and mastered all the colors (including gold and silver), numbers, letters and shapes thanks to her iPad. Her vocabulary widens and still expanding because of TV and iPad. We talk on facetime. I call her everyday. We send snaps on SnapChat. Gadgets actually made my parenting a whole lot easier and super fun.

Tips on Gadget Use for Toddlers

1. Make sure that the apps installed on the iPad are appropriate for your child’s age. Make sure that all other apps that might lead to access of inapproriate stuff are disabled. Gadgets now are super advanced and powerful that you can configure them. There are also gadgets like the PLDT Home Telpad that are pre-loaded with kid-friendly apps like Disney games and the likes.

2. Set limit on gadget-use. While we allow the #FabSkye to watch TV and use her iPad, we also make sure that she’s not constantly on TV and iPad. We usually limit her use to 30min in the morning, 30min in the afternoon and 30min in the evening. Sometimes we would allow her extra gadget time before bedtime. These limits would ensure that she’s not on gadget 24/7. That she would also have time for real play and reading books.

3. Join the fun. I guess that’s one of the main factors why gadget use has been beneficial to us. We always make sure that we join the fun. We would sing with her as she watch TV or some videos on her iPad. We would dance with her. Join the conversation. Sometimes we would even make it our little contest – paunahan mag-identify ng shape na nasa video. Our constant interaction with the child ensures that she’s not just focused on watching. Hindi nakatunganga.

4. Use appropriate gadgets. As mentioned above, make sure that your child’s gadgets are really appropriate for her age. Wag mo naman bigyan ng iPhone 6s+. O ng VR, iPad Pro and XBOX when she couldn’t even maximize the use of those gadgets. Hindi na cost-efficient, nakakaloka pa pag binato nila.

That’s why it’s really perfect that we are on PLDT Home Telpad. Because #KidsLoveTelpad. And that’s no joke ah. We are really on PLDT Home Telpad Plan 1699 for about 3yrs now. Our plan comes with a free telpad unit preloaded with Disney Junior apps. Yun nga lang, it was Mila who uses the telpad kasi the #FabSkye was not even born yet when we had the telpad eh. But the #FabSkye would always borrow it to play the Disney games.

Buti nalang PLDT gave the #FabSkye her very own PLDT Smart Watch.

PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (7)

Why We Love The Smart Watch

  1. It can be a remote for Telpad or smart phone camera. Perfect for this #SelfieAddict family.
  2. We can play music thru the watch.
  3. We can record sounds. The #FabSkye loves this. She loves hearing her own voice.
  4. Answer calls and read and send text messages.
  5. The anti-lost feature is perfect!! Just connect the smart watch to your phone and it will vibrate if the smart watch is too far away from the phone. I love love this feature! I would make the #FabSkye wear the watch, connect it to my phone and I could let the baby wander a little bit kasi magba-vibrate naman pag medyo nakakalayo sya. This paranoid mum is ecstatic.
  6. It’s pretty and cool. Look at the #FabSkye’s photos. She’s modeling her watch like there’s no tomorrow. she kept on saying, “It’s so pretty Nanay!”.
  7. It’s cheap! Just add 199php per month on top of your current Telpad Subscriptions.

If you are on PLDT Home, and you decide to upgrade to telpad, you could even get a free 1Mbps speed boost. Actually, even us who’s on Telpad already, we still got the free 1Mbps speed boost. PLDT just texted me a couple of weeks ago. Ang saya!!

If you want your own PLDT Smart Watch, just visit to avail.

So now, enjoy the #FabSkye’s photos with her smart watch. Her watch that I am using now. Harhar!!

PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (8)PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (6)PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (5)PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (4)PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (3)PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (2)PLDT-SmartWatch-FabSkye (1)

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